Saturday, August 28, 2021

Disclosure Digest 8-28-21


 Semper Fi...



Joe M is a stalwart Anon who's postings over the years helped many Q analysts grok the Big Picture:

We are the news now so check out some of the most recent postings on fren-ly social media Platforms:

Charlie Kirk kicks Scottsdale Arizona school board flabby butts; a truly golden 3-minute rant:

JFK Jr's little girl, Kayleigh M. rocks on to a mike-drop moment on The Gutfeld's Show; git Sum:

Let's check-up on 'Life in Communist Australia' for a little bit (too much could lead to a migraine...):  

If Fren Tucker keeps up this fine rapportage the Alliance just may give him his own Network; Kek:

Git sum saucy Afghani traditionally prepared Truth Nuggets on Rice Pilaf nested in a suicide Vest:

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