Monday, August 16, 2021

Disclosure Digest 8-16-21

Here's a Digest for the inter-dimensionally inclined among you; we need some Light filled, Uplifting posts to ameliorate the w0ke-a-phobia saturating the LSM at this critical stage of Gaia's Ascension. Remember, fear is the mind-killer.


Motherships Are Everywhere You Wanna Be...


These Messages just in from Lorie Ladd, Eckhart Tolle, Sandra Walter, Denise Le Fay & Gigi Young:

Dr. Schavi is somewhat of an acquired taste; a keen observer of Big Sky Mind with very few Typos:

Utsava's Latest video should suffice bring you up to date with her prophetic batting record; grok Sum: 

Galaxy Girl pulls in some interesting folks in her psychic contacts with the Fleet; fun, spicy Stuff:

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