Wednesday, August 18, 2021

The Hathors: Levels Of Consciousness


Via Peggy Black & The 'Team'

We are here are offering you an invitation and a new viewpoint to consider. This is the opportunity to shift your reality, to begin to radiate and vibrate a higher frequency that will open the doors to the higher dimensions and your incredible power. This is the time to reset and focus on the energy/vibration/intention of what you want to create in the field of all possibilities. We will continue to remind you of who you are as a divine multidimensional being. You are here on the planet to practice the art of creation. You are a citizen of the galaxy having a simple physical life in this third dimension. You are here at this time to assist this planet to shift and uplift consciousness.  

This dimension has been held in the grip of the low frequencies of fear, worry, hate and violence. When humanity is holding these low frequencies everyone is easily triggered  and manipulated. Everything is energy and these emotional energies are contagious.

So your mission is to remember that you are this powerful generator of energy. Your energy, your thoughts, your emotions are impacting the collective field always. There are patterns and programs which you have been given that are limiting. These patterns and programs have been handed down from generation to generation. They do not serve you.

We are once again here to invite you to make a shift, to offer a higher energy vibration from a place of knowing who you are as a divine creator.

We have watched you and others not truly understanding the importance of the path of joy. Realize that joy is a state of mind; it is a vibration unlike any other. Joy is an emotional sense of being alive…simply that.

Humans have been programmed that to be joyful there must be a reason and the reasons are fleeting and brief. The concept of radiating joy as a constant is a bit difficult for you to imagine, especially when you have so much to “worry” about.

Worry is a vibration of feeling powerless. Worry is a habit that is programmed into each earthwalker from birth. Unfortunately when you worry you are not in touch with your power as a divine creator of your life. Worry connects you to the mass consciousness grid. It is a control vibration. Your media, your leaders continue to feed or continue to keep your worry activated. This is especially true at this time.

When you are in a state of worry you are not in your divine power and therefore you are easy to control and manipulate. This vibration of worry is a low, dense frequency that runs through your culture at all times. It is a constant hum in the background of your lives.

Worry has many triggers; they are different for each individual. However there are universal worries that are programmed into the psyche. When you drop into a worried state of mind about anything: money, health, relationships, job, family dying, all the circuits within your system are at alert. The body responds to these negative energies. There is conflict within. There is no peace, there is no power and there is no joy.

This state of mind is considered the norm for most people. This is a vibration that feels comfortable, it feels responsible. You should worry about things. What would happen if you didn’t worry, who would handle your life? So knowing that worry keeps you locked out of your power, keeps you powerless, what can you do about it, since it is so prevalent in your society and in your world? It is a part of the old belief structures and foundations that most everyone builds their life upon.

We invite you to consider the energy, the vibration that worry actually triggers in your field, your mind and body. Worry is feeling uneasy or anxious; when you worry you torment yourself with or suffer from disturbing thoughts. To entertain worry is to be tormented with annoyances, be heavyhearted with cares, anxieties, despair, or dread. To worry is to strangle or harass yourself. When you worry you are actually inviting, calling forth, creating a reality of the very thing you are worrying about.

We invite you to investigate what you worry about. Be honest with yourself here. Notice what worries you acquired from your parents? What worries are triggered by others?

What worries do you feel powerless to change? What worries feel like they are a part of this limited reality? What worry patterns did you acquire from your religions, your education? These worry energies are creating more of the same.

Now is the time to make a conscious shift. The energy that is being given to your planet from the celestial beings is available to support and assist you in making this tremendous shift in consciousness. First comes awareness, then come dedication and intention, next come focus, attention and willingness and next comes practice.

Worry is so ingrained in this hologame that letting go of worry patterns is the task of a master. Begin to allow a healing to take place with any and all insecurities that hold the framework of your worries. We are offering you a tool that will support you in your endeavor.    

We would like you to sense and welcome joy, welcome gratitude. Let yourself examine the feeling of joy, the feeling of gratitude. When are you filled with joy? What are you grateful for?  What are the conditions? What is the situation?

Ask yourself if you have ever truly experienced pure joy? Notice when and what were the circumstances. You might also notice when you feel joy that you also feel gratitude.

We would invite you to practice the awareness of joy and gratitude, being in the vibration, the feeling, the emotion of joy and gratitude. Your body chemistry will change when you bring an awareness of joy/gratitude into your moments. Over time you will understand that joy/gratitude is a natural state of being. It is a vibrational way out of the mass consciousness grid. It is the ladder, the rope, the lifejacket. 

Remember that you are the transformer of dense misqualified energies. Remember that you have a profound impact on the collective consciousness of this planet. When you express your joy and your gratitude of being alive and in a physical body you are enacting the energy of a divine master aware of who you are and your mission in this reality. The offering of joy and gratitude opens the door to the higher dimensions and welcomes miracles, blessings and synchronicities into your life.

When you learn to feel, sense, experience joy/gratitude as the dominant vibration in your life, you are free. When you hold a joy/gratitude vibration more often than any other emotion you are in a position of powerful creating. You are in the divine flow. You are open and receptive. Again we say ‘Be in Your Joy’. 

the 'team'
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