Friday, August 20, 2021

Disclosure Digest 8-20-21

Joe 3.0 Is Ready To Go...

It's time o belly-up to the Pacific Cetacean Smorgasbord and get a few tons of those tasty Sardines:

Attention Deep Divers - read these tree posts from Lisa Renee in order and you will assuredly Grok:

This Tarot By Janine Show sheds esoteric Light on the world-wide shit show; git sum Hanged Men:

Wag The Taliban, playing in a theater-of-the-mind near you; grab yer buttered popcorn & a Drink:

Intentional chaos and needless loss of life, sounds Satanic-in-a-panic Death Cultists be Freakin' Out:

Here's a good Overview from Steve Rother, Xiaera via Jen Crockaert and The Elders via Gillian MB-L:

As per usual Mr. All-That-Is wraps this one Up:

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