Monday, October 4, 2021

Disclosure Digest 10-3-21


The Storm Is Arriving,

The Scamdemic Is Ending

John Voight gets us started with with a timely reminder of just what 'The Storm' is all About:

The general public is quickly gaining a painful awareness of Crimes Against Humanity; Finally:

It would appear that Dark Hat Canadian military's acting to undermine its own citizens; Whodathunkit?

This Whore of Satan is pimping the The Death Cult Jab from a pulpit ‘in God’s Name’- Mega Kek:

Old jokes be like brain farts, mind droppings, hubris hemorrhoids, bi-sexual banana peels…like That:

This may help to clarify your feeling odd; it involves the famous Sinatra Do-Be-Do-Be-Do Theorem:

Here HE/SHE/IT/All-OF-THE-ABOVE is with some more memorable closing Thoughts:

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