Sunday, October 31, 2021

Disclosure Digest 10-30-21


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This is The Flare Bundle for those of you who haven't heard yet about the Geomagnetic Storm upon Us:
For the Lighter Side Of Solar Storms please read on; these folks will expand your understanding Bgly:

High profile Lightworkers are prime targets for [DS] spiky proteins; please send Magenta some Love:

Never PC, Coach Chucky does it again calling the ‘Brandon’ out for what It is; Kudos:

I dub this one The Throw-Fauci-To-The-Dogs Bundle; this A-hole is making  Dr. Mengele look Good:

The GP folks are going full-on Babylon Bee with this bit of satirical reportage…Kekfest;

And so it goes Frens, the Cabal/Negative Alien Rabbit Hole yawns straight Ahead;

Polis is officially toast; locals call him Governor Snowflake, a Bohemian Grove Badass fer Shure:  

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