Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Disclosure Digest 4-18-18

Which Me Do You See?

David Seaman explains just who is deathly afraid of an awakening humanity and why:

Monty gets most of the big picture right in this most recent message:

Lionel does a bang-up job of exposing the cover-up of the Chemtrail Conspiracy:

Good investigative journalism here; exposing the misdeeds of a very bad corporate actor:

After reading this you'll never be able to ignore your 'gut feelings' again:

Full Frontal Ben Fulford offers us his insights into the ongoing global farce majeur:

Blossom and her Friends-In-The-Rafters bring us a very enlightening message this week:

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

GaiaPortal: Brilliance Of Harmonies Are Viewed Completely

Channelled By √ČirePort On 4-17-18

Brilliance of harmonies are viewed completely.

Planetary surface is illuminated.

Escape pods are disabled, as humanity accepts.

Fortunes are returned.

Nova creations begin.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Disclosure Digest 4-16-18

 Have You Had Your Supplements Today?

Don't miss Jordan's 5 minute recipe for Red Pilling sleepers when they are receptive; gotta git sum:

Edgar Cayce's prophesies predicted that Mother Russia would be the salvation of humanity:

Russia, along with China, is giving fiat currency debt slavery the 'death of a thousand cuts':

A very good videocast by Dr. Corsi on the nuts and bolts of the ongoing global awakening:

UK Politics 2018: Where Lewis Carroll meets Hans Christian Andersen

Lionel is in rare form as he tour-guides another trip down the rabbit hole:

From the same folks who sold us hell, original sin and the rhythm method of birth control, we now are graced with long distance, holy Roman digital exorcisms! You can't make this stuff up folks:

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Message From Matthew, April 15, 2018

 Via Suzy Ward On 4-15-18

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. We thank the reader who listed several areas wherein she sees progress, then wrote: “So thank you for helping us all stay the course, keep finding our optimism, and keep working for the world we know is possible!”

Because optimism is light-filled, it plays a vital role in a society’s evolvement, and people who view the world as tumultuous and fearful rarely can feel optimistic about what is to come. They don’t know that what they see as upheaval is the clashing of low vibrations with high and the latter are gaining dominance on the way to prevailing overall. They don’t know that this “storm before the calm,” so to say, is purposeful, it is ushering in powerful changes worldwide. You do know this, and talking with people about substantive changes afoot is a splendid way to let the light of your optimism shine into their lives.

There are heartening stories in Internet articles and some publications, and evidence is close to home, too. Growing numbers of community groups are uplifting the lives of those nearby who are in need and are supporting local visionary leadership. World transformation doesn’t trickle down from national governments, dear family—it starts with you, your friends and neighbors and soars upward.

“There are some good signs that positive things are starting but then there is Putin and Russian trolls controlling the media news. What is Putin up to? I know Matthew has said he is not a part of the Cabal but he seems to be able to kill without remorse or thought. Not what one would call a good guy! Could he comment about what is happening there?” President Putin has done some unsavory things, to be sure, but he is not guilty of the many accusations promulgated by the Illuminati in retaliation for his refusal to cooperate with them.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Angelic Guides: The Akashic Records ~ What Are They and How Can You Make Use Of Them?

Via Taryn Crimi On 11-5-17

Today we would like to focus your attention upon the topic of the Akashic Records. There are many questions surrounding the Akashic records and it is our intention to share our perspective in hopes that it may help to answer some of these perplexing mysteries in this regard. We will be touching upon not only what the Akashic Records are as well as how one may access these records consciously.

Many more of you at this time are becoming aware of your infinite power to create all that you desire to experience. As you are evolving you are also regaining the knowledge that has remained “hidden” in plain view. The Akashic records are essentially the record of All That Is, all that ever “was” and all there will ever “be.” This is what many find so perplexing. How can there be a record of what will be if it has not happened yet? How can there still be free will? Ahhhh what an intriguing question and this is where our discussion will begin.

We will first request that you keep in mind that “time” as you know it is an illusion, it is not actually “real” it is only perceived in the reality which you currently exist. However as we have expressed many times before, from our perspective time is simply a marker. It can be used much like you use the page numbers in a book. You are free to scroll back and forth in whatever manner you desire, the page numbers simply allow you to find the experience you are choosing to focus your attention on.

Disclosure Digest 4-14-18


Old Sol Is Still Kickin' It

Planetary Ascension is progressing wonderfully, according to Sandra Walter's latest posting:

Another mega New Moon is upon us; use Stephanie Austin's Eco-Astrology Update to sort it all out:

This one makes me smile, as a bursting bubble is just the trigger needed to begin NESARA:

Sad to say but the US medical model is just a corrupt, for profit, monopolistic commercial aberration:

The true benefits of hallucinogens are finally surfacing as a result of the opioid crisis; grok this:

Trying to scare us with chemical weapons is another defunct business model:

Finally we get to hear the truth about why Trump decided to run for office; mystery solved:

KP gives us a nice compendium of  positive intel from the Earth Alliance; Victory To the Light:

I close today with the most beautiful image I could find on the Internet this fine day, enjoy:

Friday, April 13, 2018

Disclosure Digest 4-13-18

We Be Transmutin' Us Some Darkness

These Days, Oh Yeah! 



I'm mindful that these digests contain a great deal of dark and difficult to fathom reports and this is why I post them: Right NOW, planet Earth, her Soul Being (Terra Gaia) and all of humanity are being liberated from aeons of enslavement by the Orion empire. If you are reading this you incarnated onto this prison planet to assist in it's liberation, on behalf of all sentient beings, even if you don't remember making that decision. Please read this piece by Lisa Renee and pay special attention to paragraph #6. Remember, only truly significant articles get more that a one sentence intro: 
Finally, the aggressive clean-up of the worldwide pedophile networks has begun:

Q affirms my long held suspicions that Facebook is a Deep State military psy-op in sheep's clothing:

Sadly, another Lightworker on a Gaia-friendly mission is found dead in Washington, D.C.:

Vietnamese Zen master, Thich Nanh Han offers us some useful tools for these difficult times:

Thursday, April 12, 2018

GaiaPortal: Elements Of The Masters Ingrain In All

Channelled By √ČirePort On 4-12-18

Elements of the Masters ingrain in all.

Thoughts are abandoned as Higher Mind is embraced.

Clevers continue the deconstructions.

Highers are finishing the job.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Dsclosure Digest 4-11-18


Some Hump-Day Political Commentary

Image of current geomagnetic downloads from 4-10-18; Git sum!

Thanks to KP for turning me on to the Youarefreetv videos from Dakini5D (a Masshole for sure):
Exopolitics helps us connect the dots around all the Kennedy assassinations with some Q-Tips:

Our friend, Lionel, lights it up over at RT with his evaluation of the current Syria false flag scenario:

If you still think that chemtrails are a myth check out these latest lab reports on California air:

This is the sanest, most truthful op-ed I've heard since ED Murrow on the old CBS network:

Archangel Michael On This Time Of Separation

Thanks to Bro Beckow for retrieving this little gem from the archives at the Golden Age Of Gaia website.

Channelled By Linda Dillon  On 7-22-16

We think of what Archangel Michael called “the time of separation” as people leaving the Earth by death.

But my understanding is that the time of separation also includes people forcibly separated from society for heinous crimes against humanity.

The 25,000 plus sealed indictments will see the removal of many dark actors from the play. That is also part of the time of separation, I maintain. 

Here Michael discusses this phase of Ascension – Accountability – whose results I think we’re seeing all around us. 

Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon on July 22, 2016.

Archangel Michael:  The time of separation is very close. That is why we are speaking to all of you with perhaps a greater urgency than you’ve heard and felt before.

Steve: What do you mean by the time of separation, Lord? SaLuSa discussed it years ago. (1)

AAM: When you made the collective decision to ascend as one, it was spiritually a very mature and evolved decision. You have witnessed, individually and collectively, how many have reneged on that promise, that decision.

That does not mean that, yes, in the infinite and eternal existence of the Mother, she will wait forever because this is the unfoldment of her Plan. This is what the penetration with all of our voices into each and every one of you is about.

There will be those who choose to leave, to abandon their physical forms rather than ascend in physical form.

Steve: That is what you mean by separation – leave?

Monday, April 9, 2018

Disclosure Digest 4-9-17

Network This!

Lionel fesses up to his newest, best addiction; he's a Q-Tipper! Definitely grok sum:

The truth of the evil agenda being followed by Google has their mindful employees in revolt:

Exopolitics discloses the Rosthchild/Templar/Vatican absurdities, being hidden in plain sight:

London has long been the playground of white collar criminals as well as the ones with bloody hands:
Finally some good news on the pirate fishing fleets decimating our oceans stocks; game over:

I'm glad to see that Abby Martin is still telling the truth and getting banned for it:

We finish with a rousing proclamation from Ben: The Second American Revolution Has Begun:

Sunday, April 8, 2018

The Arcturian Group: Attaining The Consciousness Of Peace

Via Marilyn Raffaele On 4-8-18

Dear readers, we greet you with love and gratitude for your hard work and continuing efforts to bring more Light and awareness to a world in chaos.. Present times are intense in many ways for everyone, both those who have awakened to truth and those who have not.

You are wayshowers, the ones bringing Light into the minds of so many feeling confused and lost as much that has constituted foundational belief systems begins to crumble. You are bringing the energy of truth to mass consciousness simply by living from your own highest level of awareness.

Ascension simply means shifting fully into a new and higher level of spiritual consciousness. Never believe that you are doing nothing as you go about your day, no matter how ordinary it may seem, for your very presence can lift someone receptive. Your consciousness and energy field goes with you wherever you go.

There remain many rites and rituals taught as requirements for assisting others, but at some point a state of consciousness is attained that realizes nothing needs healing, changing, or fixing. Once this state of consciousness is attained it can shift the consciousness of those receptive because the seeker has aligned himself with the higher energy field.

This is how master Jesus healed. His consciousness contained no beliefs of discord or disease, and so when anyone seeking healing came to him they automatically entered into his consciousness where disease did not exist. However, he always reminded them not to go back to their old state of consciousness where they would simply re-create the situation, which is true today.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Disclosure Digest 4-7-18


 There's Still Snow On The Ground

And I'm Arizona Dreamin'


Our Lady of Mount Shasta checks in with a report from Sedona:

Perhaps now is a good time for a refresher course on Dimensions and Densities by Psycho Sorcerer and Spirit Science guy, Jordan Duchnycz. Definitely grok sum:

Here are two timely memos from the God realm for our further edification:

The Practical Old Soul is lauded in this recent Kryon channelling from Anchorage, AK:

It would seem that Team Dark can't even pull off a routine false flag attack these days:

David declares game over for the Pedogate Perps in this celebratory video; methinks he's right:

Mike re-posts this relevant Adromedan Council/SaLuSa  message from 2015. IMHO the 4Th Dimension referred to here is what I accept as the 5th Density and above ascended states of being:

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Dsclosure Digest 4-5-18

Get Out Of My Head!!!

We begin with this scathing reality check for America from my (only) favorite Texan:

Deus Nexus is spot on in focusing our inculcated subservience to sociopathic authority figures:

Lionel waxes rhapsodic about the massive disclosure manifesting via Roseanne:

Jordan Sather graces us with two posts on the recent Q-drops; git sum:

St. Francis, overshadowing this Pope, is destroying the fearful foundations of the mother church:

Ben's still showing a pro-Nippon slant as he reports on the ongoing take-down of the Cabal:

We round this one off with a bit of an eye-opener from Yeshua, via James McConnell:

The Angelic Guides On The Powerful Reality Of Our Imaginations

Via Taryn Crimi On 4-4-18

Today we would like to focus your attention upon the vast topic of your imagination. All of you came here equipped with this magnificent tool and yet we watch as so many misuse it. All of you came here equipped with this magnificent tool and yet we watch as so many misuse it. We would like to take this time to briefly discuss the true purpose of your imagination and what you can do to ensure that you use it the way your soul had intended.
From our perspective everything is simply energy which resonates at its own unique frequency. Your five physical senses are capable of translating vibration into a sight, a sound, a taste, a touch and a smell. You have become so accustomed to utilizing your physical senses to determine the “realness” of your reality that you don’t even consciously realize that you are continually translating vibrations into a physical reality.

However, here is the catch, you only have access to what you have matched vibrationally. In other words, the sights that you see as you look out your window, the smells in the air and so on are an exact match to the vibration you are pulsing out at any given time. Remember, you cannot experience what you do not resonate with.

You have at your disposal the most powerful tool which can transport you to any place in any time for as long as you choose. You can use this tool to conjure the most magnificent reality you could possibly imagine or you can use it to torture yourself with worry, anxiety and your greatest fears of what’s to come. This tool is of course your imagination.

We do not perceive any difference between the thoughts and images you hold in your imagination and the reality which you stand within that you are certain is more “real” because it is tangible. From our perspective, everything is a vibrational reality. Yet we understand that for the time being you very much want your dreams to not only be vibrational but physical as well.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Disclosure Digest 4-3-18


 Flash! This Just In From Venus...

Let's begin with the latest downloads from The Hathors via Tom Kenyon:

The folks in Sheldan's rafters say we're on the brink of an unprecedented Global Awakening:

Monty Keen seems to have a good take on Cirque D'Monde this week; git sum:

My oh my, what isn't becoming common knowledge these strange days:

It's good to be aware of this nefarious Monsanto/Cabal plot so we can prevent it:

 Jordan wants perpwalks and isn't shy about demanding them - find your calm center, Padawan:

 We close with some Arcturian Q & A in latest Awakening with Suzanne Lie post:

Monday, April 2, 2018

Disclosure Digest 4-2-18


Another Stormy Monday

And Those Photons Just Keep Coming

JC's still upset about His teachings being hi-jacked and perverted; some blow-back here:

 Now that the Pope has burst the 'hell bubble' perhaps it's time to rip Satan a new one:

Cambridge Analytica is what happens when you privatize military propaganda, so sad:

Wherein Lionel helps us understand the Big Picture implicit in our current National Month:

Have fun with Jordan Sather as he goes positively mental explaining MK Ultra:

 Woof!, heavy stuff; time for a warm-fuzzy break with Brenda Hoffman:

And for desert, a spot-on viral video on talking heads gone bad:

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Disclosure Digest 4-1-18

Cheerful Ostara, Y'all 

We begin today with advice from Morag O'Brien on handling 'energetic whiplash':

Behind all of the current political fiascos I feel that the US and Russia are working together for peace:

 Leave it to RT to muckrake up the dark side of the West's weaponized food industries:

ISIS/Daesh is finally neutralized in Iraq as the world inches ever closer to peace:

I must say most of this post resonates as truth, minus the vituperative name-calling, of course:

Stephanie Austin's latest Eco-Astrology Update zeroes in on Springtime bustin' out all over:

Kryon, our fave magnetic mechanic, discusses the true function of dreaming and Earth's lost history: