Friday, April 13, 2018

Disclosure Digest 4-13-18

We Be Transmutin' Us Some Darkness

These Days, Oh Yeah! 



I'm mindful that these digests contain a great deal of dark and difficult to fathom reports and this is why I post them: Right NOW, planet Earth, her Soul Being (Terra Gaia) and all of humanity are being liberated from aeons of enslavement by the Orion empire. If you are reading this you incarnated onto this prison planet to assist in it's liberation, on behalf of all sentient beings, even if you don't remember making that decision. Please read this piece by Lisa Renee and pay special attention to paragraph #6. Remember, only truly significant articles get more that a one sentence intro: 
Finally, the aggressive clean-up of the worldwide pedophile networks has begun:

Q affirms my long held suspicions that Facebook is a Deep State military psy-op in sheep's clothing:

Sadly, another Lightworker on a Gaia-friendly mission is found dead in Washington, D.C.:

Vietnamese Zen master, Thich Nanh Han offers us some useful tools for these difficult times:

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