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Archangel Michael On This Time Of Separation

Thanks to Bro Beckow for retrieving this little gem from the archives at the Golden Age Of Gaia website.

Channelled By Linda Dillon  On 7-22-16

We think of what Archangel Michael called “the time of separation” as people leaving the Earth by death.

But my understanding is that the time of separation also includes people forcibly separated from society for heinous crimes against humanity.

The 25,000 plus sealed indictments will see the removal of many dark actors from the play. That is also part of the time of separation, I maintain. 

Here Michael discusses this phase of Ascension – Accountability – whose results I think we’re seeing all around us. 

Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon on July 22, 2016.

Archangel Michael:  The time of separation is very close. That is why we are speaking to all of you with perhaps a greater urgency than you’ve heard and felt before.

Steve: What do you mean by the time of separation, Lord? SaLuSa discussed it years ago. (1)

AAM: When you made the collective decision to ascend as one, it was spiritually a very mature and evolved decision. You have witnessed, individually and collectively, how many have reneged on that promise, that decision.

That does not mean that, yes, in the infinite and eternal existence of the Mother, she will wait forever because this is the unfoldment of her Plan. This is what the penetration with all of our voices into each and every one of you is about.

There will be those who choose to leave, to abandon their physical forms rather than ascend in physical form.

Steve: That is what you mean by separation – leave?

AAM: That is what I mean and I do not mean being spun off into an alternate world or Earth or Gaia or planet. I mean simply, abandoning the body, dying, and leaving and coming home. There is no penalty or shame or guilt. It is simply a decision.

But it is not the desire of the Mother that this [Ascension process] simply continue [forever] because what she also sees (what we all see) and what you’ve repeatedly said to us, even though we operate often in terms of eons rather than years, many of you are tired.

So we do not wish for those who have been stalwart and continue and practice fortitude and persistence along with love to reach the point where they abandon their bodies. And you are seeing that in many.

Steve: I can think of one person in particular that seems to be thinking of abandoning their body, so yes.

AAM: When it comes to a decision point of whether the recalcitrant remain or whether those who are determined to fulfill the Mother’s dream remain, make no mistake about it. Those who have been in the truth of their heart and service will be victorious. I cannot be clearer than that.

(1) “The world is slipping into two realities, and the division will take place in accordance with the Law of Attraction.” (SaLuSa, Sept. 7, 2009, at .)
“By now most of you should have made the decision as to whether you have the desire to ascend.”  (SaLuSa, April 20, 2011.)
“We see the divide on Earth becoming wider between those of the Light and those who are still held back by the lower energies.” (SaLuSa, Oct. 3, 2012.)
“With the end times will come a ‘sorting out’ as souls are directed to a path that is going to allow them to continue evolving, at the vibrational level that they are already on. There would be no purpose or gain, if souls were placed in a dimension where they were not compatible to it according to their level of consciousness. So do not worry about other souls, and bear in mind that all will eventually find the path that will not compromise their freewill.”  (SaLuSa, Dec. 12, 2011.)


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