Thursday, April 5, 2018

Dsclosure Digest 4-5-18

Get Out Of My Head!!!

We begin with this scathing reality check for America from my (only) favorite Texan:

Deus Nexus is spot on in focusing our inculcated subservience to sociopathic authority figures:

Lionel waxes rhapsodic about the massive disclosure manifesting via Roseanne:

Jordan Sather graces us with two posts on the recent Q-drops; git sum:

St. Francis, overshadowing this Pope, is destroying the fearful foundations of the mother church:

Ben's still showing a pro-Nippon slant as he reports on the ongoing take-down of the Cabal:

We round this one off with a bit of an eye-opener from Yeshua, via James McConnell:

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