Saturday, April 14, 2018

Disclosure Digest 4-14-18


Old Sol Is Still Kickin' It

Planetary Ascension is progressing wonderfully, according to Sandra Walter's latest posting:

Another mega New Moon is upon us; use Stephanie Austin's Eco-Astrology Update to sort it all out:

This one makes me smile, as a bursting bubble is just the trigger needed to begin NESARA:

Sad to say but the US medical model is just a corrupt, for profit, monopolistic commercial aberration:

The true benefits of hallucinogens are finally surfacing as a result of the opioid crisis; grok this:

Trying to scare us with chemical weapons is another defunct business model:

Finally we get to hear the truth about why Trump decided to run for office; mystery solved:

KP gives us a nice compendium of  positive intel from the Earth Alliance; Victory To the Light:

I close today with the most beautiful image I could find on the Internet this fine day, enjoy:

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