Monday, April 16, 2018

Disclosure Digest 4-16-18

 Have You Had Your Supplements Today?

Don't miss Jordan's 5 minute recipe for Red Pilling sleepers when they are receptive; gotta git sum:

Edgar Cayce's prophesies predicted that Mother Russia would be the salvation of humanity:

Russia, along with China, is giving fiat currency debt slavery the 'death of a thousand cuts':

A very good videocast by Dr. Corsi on the nuts and bolts of the ongoing global awakening:

UK Politics 2018: Where Lewis Carroll meets Hans Christian Andersen

Lionel is in rare form as he tour-guides another trip down the rabbit hole:

From the same folks who sold us hell, original sin and the rhythm method of birth control, we now are graced with long distance, holy Roman digital exorcisms! You can't make this stuff up folks:

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