Thursday, July 19, 2018

Disclosure Digest 7-18-18

Sacred Earth IS

Whoa! Flash flood footage from Utah

Due to vehicular traffic Ozone pollution in US national parks is nearly the same as in large cities:

 Situation grim, little chance for survival - time to meditate and git yer samadhi on:

You can't really call what we have 'health care' when the 'cure' is more toxic than the disease:

"I Never Said That!" High-tech deception of ‘Deepfake’ videos perfectly mimic reality; Uh-Oh:

We need some comic relief so here are the biggest Emojis I've yet seen on my screen:

 This LA lawyer and author is also a Rabbi; here he goes full frontal on TDS* sufferers:
(*Trump Derangement Syndrome)

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The Arcturian Group Message, July 15, 2018

Through Marilyn Raffaele

We of the Arcturian Group wish to say that much change is on the horizon. You are witnessing the death throes of world beliefs that have held mankind in bondage through lifetimes. These dense miscreations can only dissolve as higher frequencies of truth begin to replace the energy that formed them in the first place.

A sense of discord comes when everything familiar begins to change but intense fears and confusion will not come to those who understand that nothing real ever ends, but rather transmutes into higher levels of expression as consciousness becomes more enlightened. Because third dimensional energy is so dense, this process is gradual and involves many twists and turns of resistance.

Focus your attention and efforts on being the highest level of truth you know in every moment and situation, rather than on the illusions of material sense around you. Your Light, the Light of awakened consciousness, is serving to open the pathways that allow more Light to flow to earth. These high frequency energies are affecting all life. Everyone is feeling them, the un-awakened, the awakened, and the animal kingdom as well.

These high frequency energies are causing many of you to experience times when emotions, physical aches and pains, or extreme physical exhaustion seems to take over. If you are not alert, it can easily lead you to believe that something is seriously wrong, but then within a day or two things seem back to normal and you feel fine–until the next time. These experiences are related to the process of clearing, translating and integrating new and higher frequencies into the physical, and the mind’s interpretation of the process.

It takes energy to do these energetic upgrades leaving you with less for your usual everyday chores. Ascension energies are replacing the denser in physical cells. Allow the process to take place without immediately concluding that something is wrong, but rather know that something is right. Your physical expression is unfamiliar with what is taking place because serious energetic upgrades while remaining in the physical has never happened before.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Disclosure Digest 7-17-18

You Are Missed, Mr. Spock

Feisty Morag continues to be spot on with her channelled blog posts; it's time to Wake Up!:

Uncle Vlad is certainly doing his part for The Alliance's Operation Free Gaia: git sum truthspeak:
This Ottawa professor blasts the US military for “owning the weather” for military use; 'ya think:

So many 'conspiracy theories' are coming true that it's hard to keep up; kudos to JP for this:

In 'The Assassination of the Humanitarian Princess: The Killing of Diana', more truth comes out:

Consecrated virgins vent fury after Vatican tells them chastity not required after all; Bummer:

'Five-dimensional' glass discs can store data for up to 13.8 billion years; accelerated disclosure:

Monday, July 16, 2018

Disclosure Digest 7-16-18

Git Sum WWCC of 9 Today!

Thus video just out from Magenta Pixie,'Blue Flame Seed Point for Triple Eclipse Gateway!:

The Emerging Story Around Gaia/Gaiam TV Posted on July 15, 2018 by David Nova

Cannabis: A Lost History - don't risk reading this stoned and loosing it again:

It's difficult to fathom the lengths to which the Cabal went to poison and kill off humanity: 

Is Pope Francis a Human-Rights Abuser? Never was, never will be. Grok sum Bro Beckow:

Matthew’s Message, July 15, 2018

Channelled Via Suzy Ward

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Let us begin by addressing the growing concerns that one reader expressed thusly: “There is so much happening at once which threatens the well being of American people, as well as to undermine democracy here. How does this equate with Matthew’s statements that the cabal is losing power? It sure feels like it is about to engulf us.” And another: “How can the light be growing in this country? It feels like darkness is growing instead.”

If the cabal, which most often we refer to as the Illuminati, were not rapidly losing power, there would not be such turmoil in the United States or anywhere else in your world. At the core is the dark ones’ frenzied attempts to retain the fragments of power they still have in governments and the global economy by creating as much divisiveness and fear as possible—peoples’ unity dooms them and they need the energy of fear and violence for their very survival.

So indeed tumultuousness abounds, but there is vastly more goodness and progress than upheaval! Vital matters are moving forward rapidly behind closed doors and what you can see is not always what it seems. Some leaders who appear to be defending democracy are willing or unwitting puppets of the darkness; some leaders who appear to be undermining democracy are working to expose and eliminate the darkness that for long ages has been controlling life on Earth.

Some leaders in the latter group have made unwise decisions that many find troubling and rightly so, but those decisions will neither adversely impinge upon efforts to uproot the dark ones nor can they be long-lasting. Earth’s steady ascension into increasingly lighter planes assures that only what is aligned with those planes’ high vibrations can endure. Keep foremost in your thoughts that nothing can equal, much less derail, the power of the light!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Disclosure Digest 7-15-18


For Your Eyes Only

Read on for a comprehensive introduction to the QAnon phenomenon by NeonRevolt; grok sum:

Thanks to Suzanne Maresca for sending in this thread on The Five Eyes network as per Qanon:

Praying Medic follows with more balanced and well considered ponderings on Q's breadcrumbs:

Jordan Sather lights up current events in this 12 minute blogsplosion of truth and wisdom: 

Lionel in Wonderland and zit-popping permeates the surreal landscape; git sum:

As a triple Pisces I'm especially proud of our Colorado State motto: Don’t Hesitate, Hydrate!

DL Zeta expounds on the Good News/Bad News nature of this week's Cancerian Eclipse: 

GaiaPortal: The Dude And The Light Abides

Channelled By ÉirePort On 7-15-18

Organics are fully enabled on the planetary surface.

Intrusive anharmonics are exposed, and dissolved.

Fragrances of Healing embrace the planet.

The Light abides.

The Gabriel Messages #20

 Via Shanta Gabriel On 7-15-18

Dear one, it is a new time. It is a new moment. When you cling to the status quo, you are clinging to the way things used to be. Sometimes it feels safer to hold to the old way. Change can be frightening and yet, is your world not changing constantly? In holding on to the status quo, you are clinging to a thought of how something used to be, when you have the power to change it for the better this very moment.

There is tremendous power in your thoughts. A thought is like a prayer to the universe, asking for what you want. If your thoughts are unconscious, if fears play a large part in what goes on in your mind, in effect you are asking for the things that frighten you to come into your life.
Fear is part of the status quo and the greatest fear seems to be of the unknown. Yet it is not possible to always know exactly what is to be. You are being to asked to let go of your fears and to allow the power of the light of God to guide, nourish and protect you.
Letting go is a moment to moment process. It is surrendering to the flow of life. Let go into the light, which is the flow of God moving within you at every moment. The Divine Presence is the only constant in the midst of change. This is a truth you can trust. Is not the power of light and love a greater attraction than fear and doubt? It is your attachment to wanting things never to change that holds you back.
Simply ask clearly for what you want from the Higher Power and the Angels. All the assistance you need is available to you, if you but ask. When you are free from old fears and attachments, you will know the freedom and joy of your truth. Your truth is always what makes you happy, and this is Divine Will for you at all times—God wants you to be happy.
Pray to live in the light of your truth. Know that you are divinely guided at all times. Ask for assistance to let go of fears that no longer serve you. Allow the grace of the Angels to work through you knowing you are profoundly loved.

Remember your message from Archangel Gabriel today:

Release any need to cling to the status quo. You are being asked to let go into the power of Light, which will allow you to live in your Truth.

Shanta Gabriel
for Archangel Gabriel
July 15, 2018

Most of Us Are or Have Been Angels – Parts 1&2

Ascension 3333I’m reproducing a two-part series from 2014 on our angelic background because … it feels like it’s time to be discussing these matters. 

The best time seems to be before Disclosure, after which we’ll  find ourselves front and center without knowing why or what to do.

The first point to be made, as this series does is: Most lightworkers on the planet at the present time have some connection with the angelic kingdom.

Why make that point? Because we don’t know who we are, collectively, and so we lack cohesion and confidence in ourselves. But we are angels.

I’d like to turn our attention to the rich vein of knowledge we’ve been given in the last three years about the angelic kingdom. Why is it relevant? Because apparently most of us reading these articles are angels.

Either we descended from the angelic kingdom long ago to participate in the experiment of form or else we’ve incarnated specifically to assist with this Ascension.

The angels through Tazjima tell us that “many of you are angelic beings, sweet, gentle and kind.” (1) The source who calls herself “Mary,” through Pamela Kribbe, tells us that “you have been angels yourself at one time and, deep down, you still are. From the core of your being runs a channel to the angelic realm.” (2)

Let’s look at these two cases.

(1) Those who Descended from the Angelic Kingdom Long Ago

Archangel Michael explains that the greatest number of us descended from the angelic kingdom long ago.
“When you emanated as love or light from the heart of One into that light form, for the greatest percentage of you – there would be such a small fraction that it is really not worth speaking of in this discussion — the first form you assumed was angelic.

“Now, some of you emerged, can we say, as the first wave. Some of you emerged as seraphim. Some of you emerged as archangels. Some of you emerged as angels.” (3)

Friday, July 13, 2018

Disclosure Digest 7-13-18


Fear Not Triskaidekaphobes...

This Friday The Thirteenth Is Different

Ready for Eclipse Sandwiches, Fractal Fridays The Thirteenth and Tsunamis of Love?; Git Sum:

Sue Lie has some fine webinars happening which will help you deal with The Dark Side; grok sum:

Our Lady of Mt. Shasta checks in with this current passage on Eclipse Season Shift; Amen:

Lionel exposes the biggest protection con job of the last century (NATO) in 10 short minutes:

I don't often post Monty but this one deserves to be shared as The Celts reclaim their power: 

“We are No Different than You”: The Galactic Role in Earth’s Ascension. Good work by Br. Beckow:

Saul On Keeping Your Vibe High


Via John Smallman On 7-13-18

All the apparent ongoing chaos in the world most definitely does have a purpose and that is to encourage and nudge humanity to move forward enthusiastically along the path to awakening.  In this context moving forward means to recognize and become fully aware of all the “stuff” that no longer serves you, and then to very consciously intend to release it.  The recognition is easy, but the releasing can be very demanding, especially when people attempt to deny and disown what comes into their awareness in this fashion because it is seen as unacceptable, unreal, and shamingly painful.  No one enjoys becoming aware either of their inadequacies or of their unkindness in their relationships, and yet there is no one who is free of words or actions that have been driven by these attitudes or behaviors.

However, this “stuff” is, in truth, unreal!  Yes, you have memories and awareness of it, but it is part of the unreal game that you have been engaged in for eons, and you need only release it.  There is absolutely no need to go into self-recrimination, negative self-judgment, and blame for the words or actions you engaged in that were unloving.  Instead, forgive yourselves, and accept that in that moment, in the moment when you engaged in these words or actions, you were doing what you thought was best – even if almost immediately afterwards you realized that this was not so.  Negative self-judgment, recrimination, and blame closes you off from the Love that is your true nature, keeping you in the game where it seems that you are separated from Source, and thus draining your energy and exhausting you.

The releasing is not easy because you keep on remembering, reliving, and judging yourselves for stuff that occurred in the past.  It’s over!  There is only now, so all that you need do is forgive yourselves, love yourselves, and accept that you are, and always have been Love – an aspect or part of Source that is pure, perfect, and unchanging – just as you were created.  Holding onto guilt – constant negative self-judgment – as so many do, just drains your energy, exhausts, and depresses you, and it serves no useful purpose!  What God creates is perfect and remains perfect, and God in infinite Love and Wisdom created you.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Disclosure Digest 7-12-18


Solar Eclipse Time

Fire Up The Crystalline Grid!

Planetary recovery issues affecting all ‘wounded’ humans’; that be all of us...

Spiritual sobriety dawns in the Kingdom of Shambhala; personal karmas ripening is going viral:

Nature’s Path co-CEO resigns from Organic Trade Association in protest of repeated consumer betrayals. Please be vigilant in what you eat and which companies produce it; Caveat Emptor:

Here is a case in point; when B&J sold out to Big Ag the handwriting was on the barn:

Praying M3dic does a stellar job of framing the current chaos with Q-wisdom; grok sum:

Clinton body count soars as a woman set to testify against Clintons blown up in her NJ home:

Taryn's Angelic Guides propose that the habit of giving will create more Abundance worldwide:

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Disclosure Digest 7-11-18

We Are Entering The Bozone Layer,

Please Fasten Your Seat Belts...

Who better to sketch the coming follies for us than Stephanie Austin in her EcoAstrology Update:

Europe has it's own 'Deep State' to defeat and it's called the EU; Trump only wants to help:

Time to spend 12 minutes following Lionel down The Rabbit Hole with his three heartfelt wishes:

While in wonderland let's check this thread courtesy of Neon Revolt; stellar work by the Anons:

Everybody, including my fave channeller Magenta Pixie, is getting into the Q act; lovely:

Creator is spot on this week so let's give him/her/it some short attention span:

Ya gotta respect what the Japanese can do with small spaces; witness the Bonsai Mini Bus:

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Disclosure Digest 7-10-18

C'mon Paul, It's Showtime!

Ms Ryan brings us a message for all the grounded Lightbeings reading this blog:

Time to crank up your domestic and galactic grids; here's the 'How To' from Sandra Walter:

Thanks to Steve Beckow for this link to a recent Russian channelled message about 'The Chldren':

I just love the way John L. Petersen puts it all together in his multi-disciplinary disclosure blog:

Ron Head brings us this missive from The Council and, guess what, the topic is Chaos: 

Update For The Galactic Federation And The Spiritual Hierarchy On 7-10-18

Via Sheldan Nile

Salamat Jalwa (be in righteousness).We return to speak with you about many events unfolding around your globe. Your world is caught in a war between good and evil. For 13 millennia, the dark cabal has been in control of your planet. With the new strategies we have provided our Earth allies, now called the Alliance, the tides have turned: the dark is losing its power while the Alliance continues to gain momentum. All the dark cabal has left is the ability to cause vexing delays, which soon will cease as well. The dark is in serious difficulty because it is running out of ways to delude the masses. The Alliance, gradually and at its own pace, is bringing about extraordinary alterations in the world.

We have shared with the Alliance one of our successful strategies, which we refer to as Fluid Group Dynamics. This strategy tends to confuse the cabal because their style of operation is more static. The Alliance is now using this fluid method to resolve all the problems confronting your world. When each individual's talents are applied to a particular problem, group leaders change constantly, depending upon the areas of expertise required. Now, as the egotistic cabal faces their demise, they are beginning to turn on one another. Because Fluid Dynamics is not based on the ego, group members are able to work cooperatively. Increasing successes are confirming the efficacy of this strategy.

Changes to government, to the global banking and currency network, to world peace and to the world's economic systems are merely the early stages in manifesting your prophesied galactic society. The unveiling of suppressed technologies will provide impetus to the paradigm shift that is in progress. These new technologies will supply the means for Gaia's restoration, which will include clean air, clean water, fertile soil. You, also, will reap the benefits of restored health from vibrational technology, anti-gravity transportation, teleportation, telepathy and a host of other astounding and life-altering innovations. When we arrive on your shores, we will bring even more thrilling technologies.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Disclosure Digest 7-9-18


 For The Folks In The Rafters...

Thanks to Bro Beckow at GAoG for this timely reminder of Ashtar's pedigree and mission; grok sum:

Full Frontal Ben sees the good times rolling merrily along towards planetary Liberation; 'bout time:

Very astute observations on how Team Trump is preparing the normies for what is coming:

Jordan Sather videos on; The Clinton's are flying commercial, a sure sign The End Times are upon us:
Sue Lie brings another lively conversation with the Arcturians about the journey from Me to WE:

Gillian Mac-Beth Louthan gives us a lovely channelling on how to Host the Light wherever we go:

AA Michael provides the closer today in fine Archangelic style; brief and to the point:

The Arcturians; Ascending Gaia For Gaia

Through Sue Lie On 6-16-18

Dear Ascending Ones,
We Arcturians understand the many challenges that you are bravely facing within your NOW. Therefore, we would like to remind you that you are NEVER alone. Your fifth dimensional family is always with you, whether or not you are aware of it.

In fact, you will receive some of your strongest blessings and memories of home when you least expect them and do not need to “control" your mind or monitor your thoughts.

Please remember that YOU are the captain of your ship. and you are your ship. As your consciousness advances more and more into the fifth dimension, you will begin to realize that a new reality is coming into your perspective.

This new reality does not need to be worked for or even practiced. This new reality is budding first from within you because your chakras are beginning to spin to a frequency rate of the fifth dimension.

Then, once your chakras have been stabilized to the next octave of reality, your thoughts will be of another reality that is just beyond the physical, but also the higher frequencies of realty will move more and more into your conscious awareness.

Also please remember that reality is what you think it is. Whatever it is, you are in control. When it is the Now to change you must let go and release all fear. When you release all fear you will find that your are within the Now of the Here

Time is an illusion of the third/fourth dimensions. On the third dimension, time is the most rigid. On the fourth dimension, time is more flexible and changes within your state of mind and emotional body are more easily initiated.

GaiaPortal: Vortex Alterations RefineThe Alignments

Channelled By EirePort On 7-9-18

Vortex alterations refine the alignments.

Essences of silence are honored.

Forces from the Inner Realm are embraced.

Sol is embraced.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Disclosure Digest 7-8-18

Easy Does It

Sit Back And Relax…Creator; must know something we don't:

 Wow, it seems like basic sanity and common sense are going positively viral:

Extraterrestrials Working with Humans in USAF Classified Programs; does this surprise you? Really:

UFO the Movie: Soft Disclosure? Not so soft and happening as you read this; git sum:

It's high time to check in with KP; he's been having a rough ride lately:

The Meaning Of Good And Evil In Perilous Times- thanks to David Nova for this precis:

This is a good closing message, straight from AA Gabriel via Shanta; Namaste

Disclosure Digest 7-7-18

Let Me Make This Crystal Clear...

We begin with this post from lovely Lisa Renee on Becoming Transparent; grok sum:

‘To prevent veterans’ suicide, US should stop waging wars across the globe’- Duh!:

A veritable plethora of Russophobes has already hit the ground running. headed for the cliff:

Diane Canfield's Energy Update for July examines the powerful Eclipse season coming:

Friday, July 6, 2018

Disclosure Digest 7-6-18



This author claims Jesus used Cannabis Oil to perform His miracles; far out, man:

Time for our regular 'Check In' with Creator; "Ask and it shall be given" ring a bell?:

Ben's Full Frontal Report covers regime collapses ongoing plus secret space program disclosure: 

This blog has the same policy as GAoG regarding our 'controversial content'; Grazie Suzanne:

Woman who vanished after 'being swept out to sea' off of Indonesia is found unconscious by relatives on the same beach 18 MONTHS later, still wearing the same clothes; Doin' the Time Warp Again?:

 David Wilcock outs the Star Wars movies as history/disclosure; Draco=Sith=Annunaki=Illuminati:

Patricia Cota-Robles' July message seems quite appropriate to close with today; enjoy:

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Disclosure Digest 7-5-18

 Which City Is In The Background?

Why Is This Significant?

Praying Medic brings out a holiday gem of a video: Q Anon's School of Law; grok sum:

The above-top-secret 'Starfleet Cat' is well out of the bag; death knell for all fossil fuel industries:

How To Have An Out Of Body Experience - just keep reading this blog:

 #WalkAway's Brandon Straka on “Why I Left Liberalism & The Democratic Party"; Vox Populi baby:

Jon Rappoport dives into the murk of 'deceptive vaccine science'; here be swamp creatures:

The battle in the South of Syria is coming to an end as Israel bows to Russia’s pressure:

Much of the Unseen World is becoming visible so this Buddhist insight might just come in handy:

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Disclosure Digest 7-4-18

Hey, You Talkin' To Me?


Lovely Blossom spars with the orbs of the The Federation of Light over 'Why You Are Here':

Marilyn Raffaele channells The Arcturian Group discussing 'Experiencing Light'; lighten up:

Switzerland Chooses Gold Over Paper Backed US dollar; bad news for the Cabal from Zurich:

Jordan Sather does his usual spot on job of Qanon analysis; this kid could go viral at any moment:

Thich Nhat Hanh uncovers the deeply hidden roots of war in this classic piece from 1994; grok sum:

From our Politically Incorrect File - Native Humor: 7 Ways Natives Can Celebrate the Fourth of July:

We close with the latest just beamed in from Our Lady of Mt. Shasta, Sandra Walter: