Sunday, July 15, 2018

Disclosure Digest 7-15-18


For Your Eyes Only

Read on for a comprehensive introduction to the QAnon phenomenon by NeonRevolt; grok sum:

Thanks to Suzanne Maresca for sending in this thread on The Five Eyes network as per Qanon:

Praying Medic follows with more balanced and well considered ponderings on Q's breadcrumbs:

Jordan Sather lights up current events in this 12 minute blogsplosion of truth and wisdom: 

Lionel in Wonderland and zit-popping permeates the surreal landscape; git sum:

As a triple Pisces I'm especially proud of our Colorado State motto: Don’t Hesitate, Hydrate!

DL Zeta expounds on the Good News/Bad News nature of this week's Cancerian Eclipse: 

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