Friday, July 13, 2018

Disclosure Digest 7-13-18


Fear Not Triskaidekaphobes...

This Friday The Thirteenth Is Different

Ready for Eclipse Sandwiches, Fractal Fridays The Thirteenth and Tsunamis of Love?; Git Sum:

Sue Lie has some fine webinars happening which will help you deal with The Dark Side; grok sum:

Our Lady of Mt. Shasta checks in with this current passage on Eclipse Season Shift; Amen:

Lionel exposes the biggest protection con job of the last century (NATO) in 10 short minutes:

I don't often post Monty but this one deserves to be shared as The Celts reclaim their power: 

“We are No Different than You”: The Galactic Role in Earth’s Ascension. Good work by Br. Beckow:

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