Monday, July 9, 2018

Disclosure Digest 7-9-18


 For The Folks In The Rafters...

Thanks to Bro Beckow at GAoG for this timely reminder of Ashtar's pedigree and mission; grok sum:

Full Frontal Ben sees the good times rolling merrily along towards planetary Liberation; 'bout time:

Very astute observations on how Team Trump is preparing the normies for what is coming:

Jordan Sather videos on; The Clinton's are flying commercial, a sure sign The End Times are upon us:
Sue Lie brings another lively conversation with the Arcturians about the journey from Me to WE:

Gillian Mac-Beth Louthan gives us a lovely channelling on how to Host the Light wherever we go:

AA Michael provides the closer today in fine Archangelic style; brief and to the point:

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