Thursday, July 19, 2018

Disclosure Digest 7-18-18

Sacred Earth IS

Whoa! Flash flood footage from Utah

Due to vehicular traffic Ozone pollution in US national parks is nearly the same as in large cities:

 Situation grim, little chance for survival - time to meditate and git yer samadhi on:

You can't really call what we have 'health care' when the 'cure' is more toxic than the disease:

"I Never Said That!" High-tech deception of ‘Deepfake’ videos perfectly mimic reality; Uh-Oh:

We need some comic relief so here are the biggest Emojis I've yet seen on my screen:

 This LA lawyer and author is also a Rabbi; here he goes full frontal on TDS* sufferers:
(*Trump Derangement Syndrome)

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