Friday, July 6, 2018

Disclosure Digest 7-6-18



This author claims Jesus used Cannabis Oil to perform His miracles; far out, man:

Time for our regular 'Check In' with Creator; "Ask and it shall be given" ring a bell?:

Ben's Full Frontal Report covers regime collapses ongoing plus secret space program disclosure: 

This blog has the same policy as GAoG regarding our 'controversial content'; Grazie Suzanne:

Woman who vanished after 'being swept out to sea' off of Indonesia is found unconscious by relatives on the same beach 18 MONTHS later, still wearing the same clothes; Doin' the Time Warp Again?:

 David Wilcock outs the Star Wars movies as history/disclosure; Draco=Sith=Annunaki=Illuminati:

Patricia Cota-Robles' July message seems quite appropriate to close with today; enjoy:

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