Saturday, July 21, 2018

Disclosure Digest 7-21-18

 Just Back From The Mothership, Are Ya?

This is the latest Epistle from James (of the long paragraphs) Gilliland has a marked Galactic flavor:

Background on the terabytes of info Putin gave Trump at their recent private meeting; more damning evidence of major corruption in the US un-intelligence community. Boom, Boom, Boom:

Evo Morales of Bolivia calls the USA Corp/Cabal out for it's centuries of sociopathic behavior;

'Will the Trail of Bodies Ever Grow Large Enough to Make Hillary President?' - by Dave Hodges:

William LePar brings us this channelled message from peeps on The Council: do grok sum:

So begins the coming paradigm shift around equitable wealth distribution; sayonnara, central banks:

 Sandra Walter serves up a timely message and a complimentary sonic download for Y'all:

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