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A Divine Decree: Defacate or Vacate...


The Notion of a Divine Deadline

2012 July 28
Posted by Steve Beckow

We’ve been told that August 4, 2012 represents a deadline after which the initiative for staging Disclosure passes from terrestrials to galactics. What is meant by such a statement?

To say that initiative passes from those who dwell on the planet to those who are here as visitors and helpers by a certain date is to imply that there is some plan that both terrestrial and galactics are working to. If there were not a plan, there would be no basis for having deadlines.

Are the galactics who hover above the Earth following a plan? Indeed they are following a Divine Plan, as they themselves acknowledge.

SaLuSa puts the matter best. He informs us that “over the years … our actions have shown that we of the Galactic Federation are on a divine mission.” (1) What is this mission? It is that “the Creator has expressed a desire that all within your Universe shall ascend” (2) and the Galactic Federation are here “to fulfil the Creator’s Plan.” (3)

The plan originates with the Creator and is passed down to “great Beings of Light that dwell in the realms of pure Light.” (4) The “grand plan for Man,” SaLuSa reminds us, “is perfect in its concept and whatever path you take, it will always lead to your goal.” (5)

According to him, “the Forces of Light have never gathered together on Earth in such numbers for millennia of time. This is of course in accordance with the Divine Plan.” (6) And finally:  “There is a clearly-defined plan for your future … which shall manifest and take you through to Ascension as intended.”

The path to Ascension, SaLuSa says, ” is to be cleared of any attempts to prevent it from manifesting, and be sure, Dear Ones, that when a divine edict is given it is the Law of the Creator.” (7) We can rest assured, he tells us that our “glorious future is absolutely certain” because “it is written into the plan decreed by the Creator.” (8)

Free Will

Unlike the dark forces, the galactics have always needed to respect the free will of the dark, their erstwhile victims, and higher entities like Mother Earth and her Moon. Their view of their own role expresses this. As SaLuSa said, the Galactic Federation serves “as your protectors as far as karmic law allows.” (9)

Ker-On of Venus explains:
“Many times you have courted disaster in your long history, and we have helped you along. However, your right to use your freewill has been observed by us, and our presence has not gone beyond permissible intervention in accordance with the Laws of the One.
“Yet once you are well on the path to Ascension, by the Law of Attraction we can freely help you and openly approach you once more.” (10)
The Law of Attraction draws those of the Light together and invokes the galactics’ protection. SaLuSa explains how it works.

“Our Federation is actively involved in keeping events on Earth under observation, and we do have the authority to interact with you should the necessity arise. Since we can see the most likely outcome of your actions, and are allowed to move them towards the Light, we can exert our influence to ensure a balance is kept.” (11)
“Clearly we cannot run your lives for you, but as a civilization that is awakening we were given the responsibility to ensure [that your unfoldment] was not held up. The dark Ones may appear to have a free hand to do as they like, and within certain parameters that is true, but equally those of Light are entitled to protection. The line is drawn where the Law of Attraction is concerned, as interference with that would deny you your freewill choice.” (12)
According to SaLuSa, the galactics will not impede our freewill, but they may place spiritual hints where we might come across them. Their first priority however is to keep track of the dark ones.

“We see right down to the roots of darkness and how you get involved. We understand the intricacies of karma, and for this reason we do not interfere with your freewill. It is your choice as to how you experience duality, and we would not attempt to take that away from you.
“We can appeal to your Higher Self, and place spiritual messages where you might come across them. However, what we will not do is compromise ourselves or you by being too forceful. …
“We can keep a track on you in the interests of your well-being, but we do not intrude and are more concerned with the activities and plans of the Illuminati.” (13)
Thus before a divine deadline arrives, the galactics and celestials honor the free will of all the players in the drama, except where mass destruction would result or the Law of Attraction allows help to be extended.

Divine Deadlines

All of our discussion so far concerns the time before the “divine deadline.”

But the Divine Plan has deadlines that govern each stage of progress. There are circumstances that exist before this deadline that don’t exist after. For instance, ordinarily every soul has free will, individual sovereignty, or freedom of choice. However free will can be overruled when a “divine deadline” is passed in the operation of the Divine Plan.

Here is SaLuSa stating the concept of divine deadlines:

“We do … of course have a deadline date by which we should have started, and clearly it is not that far into the future.” (14)
“The Divine Plan does not allow for continued delays and there is a final date by which action is required. The Universe is ascending and all progresses well and as planned, but we cannot allow little Earth to dictate the timing. As important as you are to the whole, you are still a relatively small cog in a very big wheel.” (15)
And, on another occasion: “We have a timetable to guide us and have absolutely no doubt that all will be completed as intended.” (16)

“We will confirm that in the whole context of your Ascension, there is an ultimate date given us by which we must be able to commence our activities. We may find it necessary to make the first move, and remove those who are holding us up in our mission to Earth and all life upon it.” (17)
And we find them at this present moment removing those who stubbornly stand in the way of Disclosure.

It is not only SaLuSa who puts forth the notion of a divine deadline. The Spiritual Hierarchy and Galactic Federation speaking through Sheldan Nidle say the same:

“Remember that Heaven is unfolding a divine plan and this plan lays out specific time points that we need to observe. These stipulations will be our orders to initiate first contact and we go planetward when so directed. Until then we follow the directives of the operation outlined in this and previous updates.” (18)
There is a divine deadline not only for Disclosure or starting their actitivies  but also for First Contact or landing on the planet.

“There is … a specified date by which you must have progressed to First Contact. If by any chance it has not commenced in good time, there will be intervention on our part to ensure it can go ahead. That has been divinely decreed and is our authorisation to do so.” (19)
Again he says: “There is an ultimate deadline for [first] contact and you are therefore assured of our eventual arrival on Earth.” (20)

Deadline for Ending of Free Will Around Disclosure: August 4, 2012

The evidence of Sierra Neblina and the crop circles is that August 4, 2012 is the divine deadline by which the free will of world leaders to delay and obstruct Disclosure of the galactics presence comes to an end.

Prior to August 4th, the galactics have not been able to just come down here and land. That would have been in violation of the human planetary evolutionary processes. Past Aug. 4, the needs of the Divine Plan for Ascension take precedence over the free will of the people opposing Disclosure and First Contact.

Allegedly two crop circles state the divine deadline. The first is at Manton Drove, near Marlborough, Wiltshire, England, and appeared on June 2, 2012.

This crop circle apparently shows a polar-clock date of Saturday, August 4.
The second at Windmill Hill, near Avebury, England, was reported July 27, 2012, and points to August 4 as well.
It should be remembered that because a divine deadline for the passing of initiative from terrestrials to galactics exists on August 4 does not mean that the galactics will disclose on August 5. It simply means that the galactics need not consult terrestrials after that date but can choose a date that is maximally advantageous to them after August 4 to disclose without needing to consult with terrestrials and without violating the universal Law of Free Will.

So that is what is meant by the notion of a divine deadline.

The Divine Plan has certain benchmark dates. Once they’ve been passed, a soul’s individual freedom to act in ways that might obstruct or defeat the Divine Plan is abrogated and the individual can be constrained or prevented from acting. These divine deadlines are usually not discussed for obvious reasons of security. But the current one governing Disclosure has been publicized through crop circles. They guarantee that matters like Disclosure and First Contact will occur in a timely fashion and, once the deadline has passed, they cannot be interfered with.


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