Thursday, July 19, 2012

Handling Downloads Of Light From The Great Central Sun

Mira the Pleiadian and Sananda: Be Your Multi-Dimensional Selves
As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda -  July 18, 2012

Greetings, Lightworkers and Light Beings alike,

We come before you today to speak of progress, progress in your Light Bodies and progress on your World, on Mother Earth.

Many facets of your Being are coming alive as we speak. As you plug into the Great Central Sun, many parts of you that were once dormant are coming alive. It may be a little difficult for you to discern completely, but take our word that it is happening.

You are moving away from duality more and more and accepting your Multi-Dimensional Selves as a vital part of your Being.

Take a moment now to ponder these questions, as we pose them to you: What are your priorities? Are you getting pulled into old ways of thinking still? Are you still focused on survival? Or are you learning to let go and trust that you are so much more than your physical bodies in duality and dare to venture out into the unknown?

What is in store for you are many wonders there. Can you let go and trust that you are becoming expanded and full of possibilities? Do you place your faith in your Higher Self and Source? Are you feeling the connection between your Soul Star and the Great Central Sun?

Do you bathe in that Column of Light coming from the Great Central Sun through all your Chakras above your body and within it and below it into the core of Earth? Do you feel the power? Are you beginning to grasp new thoughts and feelings that have to do with your expanded Self, with your connection to others and with all Beings in the Cosmos, sentient and insentient?

As you begin to envelop the Light and allow yourselves to feel the full power of it, you will begin to have thoughts of a much higher vibration, and to see things of a much higher vibration. Are you beginning to fathom the connection between you and the Spiritual and Galactic Realms? Are you feeling less separate from it all?

Please ponder and embrace these questions. Please increase your time in meditation as a conduit of this Divine Light coming from the Great Central Sun and spread it through your Heart and down into the Earth and back up again, in a constant loop between Earth and the Great Central Sun, spreading it out to all who need it.

You will soon not be able to decipher such a solid line between Earth and yourselves, between the Central Sun and yourselves, and between you and others. Feel this, see this, experience this, and embrace it.

Imagine yourselves swimming in a milieu of energy, like in an ocean of energy, where all particles are not separate. You are swimming and pulsing your positive energy out to blend with others’ positive energy. Imagine that. It is becoming easier for you to imagine this, is it not? It is because of your growth as Light Beings, dear Ones.

The more Light and Unconditional Love you spread out from yourselves, the more you are protected. Allow only positive energy to enter your Being and dispense from your Being, as you feel yourselves in a large bubble of protection.

You are discovering wonders that you didn’t let yourselves discover before when you were so entrenched in duality. You are stepping out into the wider World of Energy and Light and yes, Love. Your DNA is now allowing you to encompass what you were not able to encompass before. You are receiving light-coded particles of information and utilizing it and applying it.

Your memories of how you once were when you were fully connected to Source are surfacing, and your powers of creation are becoming stronger. Use them to create your new World and let go of the old. It is time.

Many of you are seeing us; many of you are connecting with us. It will be easier to hear and connect with and see us as you become more fully on-line and more integrated with your Higher Selves and with Source, with Creator, in the passing days. You will be receiving much more guidance and help and protection. Just ask for it, dear Ones.

Step out of your “body suits” more and more in your meditations and experience the Lightness of Being. Allow it to extend to your waking moments. Allow your Multi-Dimensional Selves to co-habit with you. Try it out. Become integrated with your Higher Self, with Source and with all your Selves.

Your clearing of all the old programs of duality is allowing you to do this. Let go and experience what it is like to live in Love and Light all the time, with guidance and information and knowing being available to you all the time. Expect it and experience it, dear Ones. It is time.

Make no mistake about it; you are ascending. It will just take more clearing of the fears you have of fully experiencing a departure from duality into your Multi-Dimensional Selves, into your Divine Selves with so many capabilities and abilities and powers of creation.

Drop the “sand-bags”, so to speak, that are keeping your “balloon” of Ascension from lifting higher, the “sand-bags” of fear, of old belief systems that limit you, of being pulled into judgment and anger and into disbelief of your Divine nature. Allow them to disconnect and allow your “balloon” of Ascension to rise higher, dear Ones: It is time.

We are at your service always,

Mira of the Pleiadian High Council and Sananda.

As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included.

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