Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ascension Is An Equal-Opportunity Event!

Archangel URIEL. Brace Yourself-You Are In For An Exciting Ride.
Channelled by AuroRa Le.   July 17, 2012.

☮ No doubt, my Friends, you are feeling the effects of the powerful flares of energy that are firing off from the surface of the Sun. They batter the Earth and it’s occupants, unseen, but nonetheless they are impossible to ignore. Coupled with the planet Mercury in retrograde, this intense period is serving to lay the groundwork for massive  upheaval and change. Your governments and financial systems are just now beginning to display the first signs of such, while up until this time the turnover and unrest has been simmering just beneath the proverbial radar. In due course, nothing will be hidden from your view and long anticipated events and well laid plans will soon be coming to fruition. Brace yourself-you are in for an exciting ride.

☮ This relentless onslaught of solar light is leaving no aspect of your lives untouched. The pot is being stirred. The surf is pounding hard against the shoreline, and everything which, up until now, has remained hidden is being dredged up and carried in with the tide. In so many of your cases, the clutter and debris has piled up quite high. Be aware that the more you procrastinate and the longer you wait to sift carefully through what has been put before you, the more formidable the task becomes. Tear into it and separate the treasure from the trash. Clear away the waste and keep only for yourselves those aspects of your life which appear clean and intact, and vibrate at a level in accordance with your own. Also, ask yourself throughout your evaluation, “Is this situation conducive to a happy, healthy life? Does it fit neatly in with the tableau I have created for myself, does it have a place in the higher-vibrational New Earth?” The beach I described is a symbolic representation of your life up until this point, both in a physical and a spiritual sense.

☮ Consider your New Earth vision to be a stunning landscape you have chosen to paint. Then go on and imagine yourselves, brushes in hand, approaching an easel upon which rests a brand new canvas. See how clean it is, how fresh and untouched?   You notice it is startlingly white and pristine, a clean slate. What is it you will paint there and what will you leave out? Your rapidly changing human life experience can be  seen as just such a fresh tableau. The paints represent the situations and ideas, and the hopes and dreams that you have the option to bring with you. Your human vessel is the brush with which you make your magic happen. Ideally, I feel your ascent into fifth density should be viewed as a rebirth of sorts, a reclamation of the genuine Self into your existing, and brilliantly transforming, Earthly form. Gaia herself is undergoing just such a transformation herself, and it is up to you to create a comfortable environment in which to ride out the many twists and turns she faces in her road to ascension. A happy life is like a pristine and peaceful island; a haven for your ascending soul, and a place where you may nurture your loved ones and compassionately guide them along on their own journeys. This will be your safe harbour in the eye of a swirling storm.

☮ In order to attain such an enlightened state of being, it is required of you to dig deeply into the vast array of things that are currently washing up upon your shore. Much of what you uncover will be the last remnants of what is now your final incarnation as a 3rd dimension human being. What do wish to take with you as you move into the 5th? And what do you wish to discard? You will find that the greater portion of your life is still quite functional and will continue to serve you well, while other parts lay in tatters and are beyond repair. Are you hanging on to something because it is familiar? Do you fear that in releasing it, a gaping hole will be left where it  once was, and that you may never be able to replace it with something of equal value or better? Or is it that, mistakenly, you believe that this is all you know? For many of you it is about guilt, an insidious illusion, which keeps you holding fast to much which no longer serves you. My Friend, you are not being disloyal or what you might deem “a  quitter.” Whether it be a job, a place of residence, an abusive or energetically toxic relationship, or merely an excess of material baggage…allow me to assure you that it is not so. Thiese transitions are but part and parcel of your ascension plan and, in most cases, written in the contracts you designed. To not release and progress will only sabotage your upward mobility, and it is seen by us as a form of emotional hoarding.

☮ Everything throughout the Universe will naturally fall into it’s proper place. Trust that all is, and will always be, in Divine Order. Ascension is an equal opportunity, which is lovingly offered to all living beings upon the planet. No one will be left behind. It is desirable that each of you grow and come into your own awareness at a pace that is comfortable for you. I promise, it absolutely will occur, for your ascension is guaranteed. It goes without question that you will succeed. By the same token, the current conditions are rendering it impossible for you to ignore the need to make the necessary changes this process requires. Try not to cling to what is broken and cannot be repaired. Only you can make the determination as to whether something can be fixed or not. To exist in a constant state of anger, stress, disarray or even boredom will either stagnate or impede your progression. Take note here, that I do not refer to children who appear to be still soundly sleeping. Within the familial and close social structures, it is to be expected that not all will progress at the same pace. I refer here to to people, situations and things which cause you grief and pain, and even make you doubt yourself; that which triggers anxiety, fear and depression. It truly is best that rather than fight the process, be kind to yourself and allow this period of life-review. Let it flow and see where it takes you. Amend your personal circumstances in a way that feels comfortable and at a gentle pace. Remain focused, and trust your heart-and your common sense-to guide you.

☮ Let me also take this opportunity to remind you that there is not a one of you who is not surrounded by an ever-growing network of support. It is not necessary that you see us with your physical eyes nor hear us with your physical ears. Step away from your reliance on your five 3rd dimensional senses, and access us by turning inward. By seeing with your inner eye and hearing with your inner ear, you are utilizing your natural gift of telepathy. If you take nothing else away from our conversation today, please remember this: telepathy is the chosen means of communication in all dimensions above the 3rd. Without exception. It is to these higher realms that you have chosen to go. It is imperative that you understand, and practice using it now. You are more than capable of receiving information this way, and it is high time you set aside your self-doubt and the idea that you are somehow not good enough or aren’t up to the challenge. Pay attention and you cannot miss the signs of our presence. We are ready, as we have been all along, to partner with you in these historic times of change.

Carry on, my Friends. You are doing admirable work. Rest easy in the knowledge that the miracles are only just beginning!

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