Saturday, July 28, 2012

My Favorite Venusian: Sanat Kumara...

                  from DT the ET
Greetings, this is Sananda Kumara,

 I want to prepare you for what is happening as we speak.

First, some background information. There have been a sequential series of operations with the cooperation of galactic humans on Earth and the forces of light in the heavens. If you are reading this you helped on the higher planes whether you are aware of it or not. You help each day when you reconnect with love thinking about Earth changes and you beam your love to the realm of light. You are doing this, I assure you. It is seen by our Ships and recorded in Shamballa as a record of Earthʻs readiness for Ascension. There are a sequential flow of events which have been completed as Ascension is step-by-step process until the dissolution is complete and New Earth is locked into the energetic Earth Grid which holds all lifestreams with Earth in its place in the Milky Way Galaxy.

There are a group of a few million souls incarnate on Earth now whose work is to complete these tasks as we continue a never ending process of evolution in the cycle of birth and death within this Universe and the Universes beyond. We have come to the cycle where enlightenment is available to anyone who desires it and death is no longer necessary. When one is ready to lay down the cloak for one life and move immediately effortlessly to the next, they will chose moment.

As we speak a transmission signal has been initiated in a great vessel of light combined with the energies of the highest forces of light in cooperation with all the Ships seen recently that are seldom in this quadrant of space and time. These forces of energy have combined in this now moment to send a signal to Alcyone and Source Energy at our Central Sun. This is a capsule of energy which could only be discharged after the previous operations completed. It has been foretold and expected for thousands of Earth time years that this capsule of energy would be released from Earth back to Source. This is the Clarion Call to complete the dissolution which is full blown underway.

I am releasing this message to you as a plea. Your light is needed now. Anyone focusing their attention on seeking out the news for endless hours on electronic devices are destined to fall behind where they are required to be to move forward. Instead, understand, this time is better spent in silence and unplugged. Take a walk in nature and connect your heart light to Earth and be in Service to the highest forces of light by unleashing larger and larger beams of love and light to the Cosmos in contemplation and meditation of what is happening now. Allow yourself rest from constant worry.

Avoid the impulse to connect to the negativity even when you do not have the things you need for survival. Understand that this is proof that the Earthʻs separation from duality is in play and causing doors to slam in your face. You are in the process of aligning with the New. You accomplish this by experiencing delays from moving forward in the old program. You will experience more and more some level of frustration because nothing is working anymore or things that used to be plentiful no longer are. Instead of being frustrated allow yourself to be the Watcher in a constant state of awareness that this is Guidance delivered to you. This Guidance is showing you to go with the flow and where there is a block turn away, regroup, and take the steps necessary to move in a different direction to the New. Understand you are witnessing the changes right before your eyes and you will not hear that on the news. One example is when Twitter went completely offline recently. Twitter was changing its system over so they will be ready to connect with the advanced technologies very shortly. They had to go offline to update their files and be ready for announcements coming up sooner than you may think. Be prepared. This is not a drill.

With the Clarion Call to Alcyone being released from this great vessel of energy on Earth in reply a series of impulses will come down through Source to travel through the StarGates on our sun Sol, out to the Planets in our Galaxy, igniting the Cosmic Rays falling to Earth, into the diamond tetrahedron core of the energetic Earth Grid and into each individual on Earth through their energy center in the top of their head at the crown. This series of impulses will transmit for 11 days until the opening of Lions Gate on 8/8/12. Each impulse will accomplish another goal. Murdoch stepping down now and his colleagues being charged was a move those in media were waiting for. They have been told at announcements they will either go into the new mode of reporting only truth in the news or they will receive their pink slip and be told not to bother to come back. They already have the pink slips printed and waiting in addressed envelopes. There will be no delay because Twitter, Facebook, Google, the news media, radio, television and the like have been prepared a long time for change over and they are behind the scenes taking the final necessary steps for announcements. Any part of these organizations which have been under a gag order will be released and anyone not willing to be truth within the organization will be removed. All financial institutions are already prepared to have their computers and currency changed in about a week the world over. The Master Plan for governments is in place and there is nothing to worry about. Everything will happen peaceably.

There are few preparations left. Pay attention over the next two weeks and give up all resistance you may be harboring for change over to love. Allow relationships to either heal or fall away. Forgive past hurts because they do not matter. You do not hate anyone. Release, release, the egoic thoughts you have held about relationships in order to move quickly to the New. Doing less will hold you up. It is not automatic. You must do the inner work and plant your feet firmly in love. Contact those far away and remind them you love them. Be calm when things do not work out as you planned knowing it means we are definitely following through the final steps. If you are not sure if everything is happening, this is a sign to tune into your Higher Self. When you do it will be unmistakable the feeling that everything is changing. Again, turning to the news will feed your ego and will not allow you to experience knowing by knowing.

As the impulses of absolute energy reverberate as waves from Source to Earth, the impulses of Supreme Love connect to the Ziggurats, Pyramids, StarGates, Obelisks and Inner Earth portals creating a force field which is the energy which will ascend Earth. There are many places on Earth where doorways to other worlds known as StarGates have been built into Ziggurats as well as in Temples hidden deep in secret mountains and in the open dessert where there is little life as witness. When one enters a Ziggurat they will find it guarded by mazes, force fields, security measures as well as Beings placed there to stop anyone from entering who should not be walking through the StarGate. All the StarGates of Earth are now guarded by the forces of light. There are also extraterrestrial bases where the forces of light have been stationed for sometime here in Earth deep in the Lakes and Oceans of Earth. We can see these bases of higher civilizations, working in cooperation with Earth when we look at their locations on Goggle Earth. These impulses are activating the Pyramids deep in the jungles of Earth which have for centuries been covered in vegetation.

All of the Secret places of Earth must awaken and energetically link for Ascension. Just because you are not standing in the Sahara, the Arctic Circle or thousands of feet at the bottom of a lake, does not mean it is not happening. Trust. The progress is being filmed everyday from the International Space Station low Earth Orbit fly-bys. You will see the videotape broadcast and be amazed by all that was taking place. It is the job of these impulses over the next few days to commence the awakening. With this energy force field in place all the other sequential events are possible. Secret Portals long held open by the forces of light into Inner Earth too are being revealed. What once was covered will now be uncovered, the unseen will be seen.

Continue to focus on that part deep inside of you that is Source energy and connect in your heart with that Supreme Wisdom and that Supreme Love. Know with certainty that the next few days are critical and as Earth moves into the higher realms new potentials are released to Earth which have been long anticipated. Lions Gate and the 72 hours following are tantamount. Meditate and Contemplate on that. Time as we know it has come to an end. Know Peace Within and know I am always with you.

Namaste. ~Lord Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin © All Rights Reserved.,
service to the light. ~Lord Sananda
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