Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Channeled by Ron Head
July 10,2012

We are the Archangels Michael, Raphael, Jophiel, and Gabriel. We are speaking through Michael at this time to bring a special message of hope and joy. We ask that you remember and hold this message in your hearts during the immediate times to come.

We have told you that the light frequencies reaching you would become stronger and stronger. We have now reached the point where that should be becoming obvious to you. We have told you that the information coming to light around you would reach a crescendo. You must certainly see that beginning, as well. There is currently an apparent conflict in some areas about what is occurring and will occur. This is only an apparent conflict due to a lack of information and understanding. We regret that it is not possible to resolve all of these issues for you while your security is still an issue. We ask that you not allow these minor concerns to fragment the awesome unity you have been building.

Continue to seek out areas of shared interest and cooperation. Continue to hold to your dreams for a world of freedom, abundance, and opportunity. Continue to connect daily to the light, love, and power of your Source. This connection will carry you through. Do not waver now at this last moment. You will find that daily effort to forge this bond will begin to make it easier and easier to recognize. It will soon become instant with your intent and then grow from instant to constant. This is one of the signs of what you are calling ascension.

You are on that path now, and there will be events along the way, but understand that the path has no finish line until you are once again united with your Creator. That, dear friends, will not happen for a long, long time. Except that it already is.

So now that you know that, enjoy the ride and help each other as much as possible along the way. There is much approaching that will be shocking and unsettling to the majority. There is more that will be a source of infinite joy. Your task will be to find that joy and share it with any who ask for it. As you feel the light, love, power, force, frequency, buzz, pain discomfort, bliss, joy build within you in these next days, remember what you have learned in the build-up about aligning and allowing.

The benefit of what is happening to you will not be long in coming now. It is possible for us to help you if you need it. Ask and we will help you assimilate these changes in the best way for you. You need but ask. Watch now as your world begins to transform before your eyes. You are loved more than you can imagine. We will speak again soon. Good day.

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