Sunday, July 29, 2012

 FYI,  I believe that we have not seen the last of these rogue false-flag attacks on general civility and social order as the Cabal is almost out of dirty tricks and Manchurian henchmen to carry them out.  Jennifer outlines the only sane response we can offer to this insanity. 

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Compassion Vortexes

By Jennifer Hoffman – July 23, 2012

This was a tough weekend for all of us to process with the news of another mass shooting, this time at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. I woke up Friday at 1:30AM, which was around the time the shootings occurred, very tense and agitated and could not go back to sleep. I also posted something on Facebook about courage at around 5AM, still unaware of what had happened.

Then I heard the news and knew why I was up all night. As empaths we feel these intense energies in a profound way, and we can wonder why this happens and whether it will ever end. But while it’s a dark moment, it is also an opportunity for profound awakening.

I have often written about compassion vortexes, which Uriel describes as energetic openings that allow the expansion of love as we respond to tragedy with compassion and open our hearts to those affected. In this case 12 people died and dozens were wounded in an act that affected hundreds of families and friends, a community, state, nation and the world.

Everything that happens is global news today, which means that what happens in one place is felt by everyone. This kind of event makes us angry and wonder why someone would do this. A very wise friend used to say “What man means for bad, God means for good.” So where’s the good in all of this tragedy?

First, we can’t curse the darkness because we are just adding energy to it. The comments and speeches from Aurora focused on coming together, being supportive and kind, having compassion, and loving each other. The community gathered for memorials and vigils. Everyone took great effort to not focus on the shooter and his story; instead, they talked about the victims, acts of bravery and sacrifice, the loss and for many, gratitude that they made it out of the theatre alive.

Yes there is talk about stricter gun legislation and yet the NRA has been strangely silent. Disney pulled its Batman advertising over the weekend and there will be more talk about excessive violence in the movies. Maybe this incident will bring much overdue change in the movie industry. And in us, as we reflect on the level of violence and fear that we tolerate in our society.

While we are all feeling overloaded, maybe a little angry and certainly sad, we know that hearts must be opened to receive energy and, for many people, it takes a tragedy of this magnitude to allow their hearts to open. No matter how high the vibration of the energy is in the current downloads, our hearts must be open to receive it.

I hope that one day we won’t need these compassion vortexes but, until that day arrives, this is what it will take to get people to open their hearts so they can receive and integrate higher energetic vibrations. And here is a prayer that Uriel gave me to share with you, I think it will help us spread the light so we can help hearts to open. Prayer is a powerful tool for change and transformation and every prayer counts.

Father/Mother God, I ask that you send your healing light to us now. Fill the empty places in every heart with your love. Fill every area of darkness in our lives with your light. Transform every fear with your peace and remember us to your grace and unconditional love. Thank you and so it is.

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