Monday, August 8, 2016

A Small Red Dot in a Huge Green Forest

Tree-huggin' Sue gets up-close and personal with the Ents of California...git sum!

By Suzanne Lie On 8-8-16

From the REDWOOD FOREST of Northern California

We are entering a very special time as we begin a new frequency of reality.

Many ancient writings, modern books, and web sites state that we are on the threshold of an era when the veils of forgetfulness will be parted one by one.

Then our consciousness will expand to encompass the components of ourselves that have been repressed, ignored, and forgotten.

If we could remember and be fully conscious of all the components of our true selves, we would be aware of the lessons and reasons for the challenges of each our of life’s challenges.

These challenges would still exist, but the confusion and perhaps even the doubt, could be erased from our experiences.

Therefore, take a lesson from these great trees. They neither “toil nor spin," but no human in all his/her splendor could match the the nobility and humility of these trees.

Take a tip from the Redwood Trees and unite your roots with all the roots of all the other “trees” in your "forest" so that you can constantly live within unity of all life. From the tallest tree to the smallest beings that lives on these trees...

"They are All are UNITED

They are All are ONE"

The roots of the Redwood Tree graft and interlock with the roots of the surrounding trees to form a vast interlocking root platform. This “root platform” prevents the toppling of even the tallest and most massive trees when soil layers become fully saturated and soggy during prolonged flooding.

The average Redwood Tree lives to be between 500 and 800 years old. However, there are some old-growth trees that have lived even longer. The oldest living redwood trees are between 2,000 and 2,200 years old.

Protecting these old-growth trees is considered essential by scientists because 96 percent of all the old-growth redwoods have been killed by loggers.

Today, old-growth redwood trees are protected by the Redwood State and National Parks in Northern California. When Redwoods eventually “die,” they fall to the ground and form homes for many of Gaia’s creatures.

When I am in the Redwood Trees, 
I feel as if I am in the Heart of Gaia.

The Redwood trees were around for over 2000 years.

Let's protect them NOW.

Gaia needs these majestic tree-friends to assist Her to Ascend.

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