Friday, August 19, 2016

Lunar Eclipse In Aquarius Stokes The Fires Of Transformation


By DL Zeta On 8-19-16

The winds of change ramp up this week with a lunar eclipse at 25 degrees Aquarius. This is a nonconformist’s eclipse, landing in the third week of Aquarius, a location of the zodiac that fosters humanitarian ideals and is home to those who never fully identify with the mainstream world.

This is an eclipse that stokes the fires of revolution and inspires us toward transformation and change. We are drawn during this time to break with the familiar and develop gifts and abilities we brought with us this time around and to wield them for the highest good of all. Those who have cultivated gifts across lifetimes may awaken to a new level of genius during this period. Others may awaken to previously latent talents that are now bubbling forth in consciousness.

Setting the Stage for September’s Eclipse Series, Equinox and More

This week’s lunar eclipse sets the stage for a powerful and important period ahead, heralding a series of eclipses that carry us through the equinox. These cosmic events help determine the drive and focus of the next six months and beyond. This week’s eclipse is followed closely by a total solar eclipse on September 1st at 9 degrees Virgo and a lunar eclipse on September 16 at 24 degrees Pisces. Mercury turns retrograde August 30-September 22, adding to the energetic mix.

September’s Transits Re-Activate Past Eclipses

In addition to this unusual sequence of three consecutive eclipses, several eclipses from the past two years will be reactivated in September by major transits. These re-activations will transport us back to the personal and planetary message and experience of those eclipses. These include the March 2015 solar eclipse at 29 degrees Pisces, the September 2015 solar eclipse at 20 degrees Virgo, the March 2016 solar eclipse at 18 degrees Pisces and lunar eclipses at 3 degrees Libra and 4 degrees Aries.

To understand how the activation of past eclipses may impact you, look back to the themes of those periods. The March 2015 eclipse opened new doorways in consciousness and brought us into closer communion with our spiritual purpose, triggering the most powerful period of 2015; the September 2015 eclipse brought insights about health matters and encouraged us to discern what best serves us as we move further into the new time; and the March 2016 eclipse assisted us with deep, cellular healing of sacred wounds from this life and others, freeing us to access new frequencies and potentials.

This Week’s Full Moon Magnifies August’s Emerging Themes

This week’s lunar eclipse magnifies themes that surfaced around the new moon on August 2. The August new moon urged us toward creative pursuits, spiritual expansion and joining together with others to amplify and anchor the energies of the new time. This month has been a time to focus more strongly than ever on what gives you joy as the path of joy is what serves as a portal or access point to profound spiritual experiences.

New Discoveries and Connections Mark this Period

This week’s eclipse can lead to new discoveries and connections with others. These powerful energies help you integrate and consolidate changes that have taken place in the past six months. This integration allows you to step more fully into September’s powerful energies.

This may be a time of intense experiences and surprising events that in time will activate potentials that become solid pathways in coming times.

Any challenges that arise during this time can be transmuted through higher awareness, creativity and openness to new ways of being. During this time you may experience lightning flashes of insight and intuition that bring you into communion with new aspects of your consciousness. You may experience divine revelations during this time and feel drawn to explore and experience the new and unknown and to expand both your comfort zone and your circle of friends. You may feel the need to retool some existing parts of your life to allow for greater freedom of expression.

‘Finger of God’ brings Predestined Encounters

Chance encounters may lead to new friendships and relationships – some of these may be with friends from other times and places returning to your life to renew your connection. Some of those who enter your life may return time and again in this life and others to help you establish new visions and potentials. This is underscored by the presence of a yod or ‘finger of god’ configuration during this eclipse. Yods tend to push us toward deeply held spiritual goals and for this reason can feel fated or destined.

This month’s yod points toward Jupiter conjunct Mercury indicating optimism, a positive frame of mind, generosity, and an expanded perspective can help guide you toward the fulfillment of an important karmic mission set into motion around the time of this eclipse.

The energies of this week’s lunar eclipse have been building in recent weeks and its effects will be felt for weeks and even months to come. This month’s eclipse sets the stage for September’s eclipse series along with the equinox and the reactivation of several past eclipse points, ushering in an intense and transformative period ahead.

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