Monday, August 8, 2016

Cecil And The Lion's Gate

  This was right on last August 8th (when a deranged dentist from the US poached a majestic being in an African nature preserve named Cecil) and is even more apropos this year. Enjoy! 

Channelled By Kara On 8-7-15

On August 8th we will enter what is called the Lion’s Gate. The Magdalen Gateway leads us to this point and is a part of it as well. What is the highest purpose of this merging? The Divine Feminine is, of course, a major part of Ascension and who better to symbolize this than The Magdalen? She brings the essence of Courage, the Courage to transcend the lower aspects of duality within us and our cultures. So many have been faced with much personal challenge. Yet challenge is an opportunity to release more duality so that we may be more Love. The Lion’s Gate is actually a triple 8 (8/8/2015: 2+0+1+5=8). The Lion’s Gate brings forth Strength. the Strength to be all we are. So you see, The Magdalen brought the Courage to be Strength in order to be more Love.

Many have been distraught with the violent passing of Cecil the Lion. This has brought much to the surface…victim consciousness, judgment, despair, duality and more. While I do not condone this act, I see beyond it. Long ago I learned than animals do not show themselves unless they choose to. Native American spirituality teaches that the animal always gives itself to the people. Cecil is not a victim. Now, do you think it is a mistake that Cecil gave his life just before the Lion’s Gate? Do you still believe in death? Isn’t Cecil still guiding and isn’t he in our Hearts to remind us of our Strength? Every animal shows itself to us always with a message to help us grow in Awareness. What did Cecil show you? There is no death. there is only a transition to be Light. If you truly believe in Divine Order, then Cecil and the dentist are all a part of it, as we are.

We are moving into a whole new cycle of evolution/Ascension during and after the Lion’s Gate. It will seem magical, and yet there is no magic involved. We are simply evolving to a place that seems magical, because we haven’t experienced this kind of Bliss before. All of the work we have done on ourselves. all of our shifting. brings us to this place.

It especially has been intense in the last few weeks. Be focused now on all that is flowing in your life and let go of your attachment to what you see as “wrong.” This is a separate ego perception. Everything is in Divine Order and to accept What Is powerfully helps us move into the Beauty. post-Lion’s Gate. It is only in our limited minds that we continue to stay attached to right or wrong. Right/wrong, good/bad, us/them are all a part of duality. It is done! Let it go!

As part of the Lion’s Gate we move more into the High Heart collectively. that is a blending of Heart and mind. It begins with feeling and intuiting and discerning what we are aligned with and this is followed by our mind blending with the truth of our Heart. There need not be our Heart vs. our mind. This is the potential of the Lion’s Gate. It is also a blending of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine (Heart/mind), and it is all a part of Oneness. not duality where mind and Heart are separate and male and female are separate.

There is only Oneness. This Balance is so important, as the masculine supports the feminine and the feminine guides the masculine. These are unique aspects of the One vibration. When in Balance, we manifest our Creativity. One without the other is incomplete. If it is for your highest evolution to be in partnership for this Balance, lovely. It does not take being in partnership to be balanced however. Each of us has within us both masculine and feminine energies. We each have the Power to create and the Power to manifest.

Yes, there is huge Light pouring forth. It is time to invite our separate ego to be our ascended ego. that is, for Heart and mind to be One and for our egos to be One with Soul. There is no battle here. there is only Love. Without ego we are without a body and our purpose is to ascend in our bodies. to be Soul/Love/Light/Source right here on Earth. From this the Truth is “As above, so below" and “As within, so without.” Ask yourself where in these quotes of Truth does duality fit?

The Lion’s Gate is linked to our Great Central Sun and to our own solar disc, the sun. Through the Gateway, great Light pours from the Great Central Sun to our sun and into us, taking us further into Christ and Universal Consciousness, where Love is the only Truth and from that only Love is manifest. It is why we’ve worked so diligently in letting go of all that is not Love. Of course, do realize that this is the potential for each of us…to receive this Light, and how fully we receive it is dependent on how much each of us has let go and has shifted the old to welcome the New. The fact that this Lion’s Gate is actually a triple 8 means that it is triply more potent than any other Lion’s Gates we have so far experienced.

A triple 8=triple Power. This Power will flow into you gently and will fill all those places in which you have let go. it fills us with Divine Love. It brings great Harmony and Peace, especially as we align with the energies, rather than bracing against them, thinking that more intensity will knock us off our feet. To align with the Lion’s Gate, you can meditate with the simple intention of receiving, you can choose to be in a group in order to receive, you can create a ceremony or anything you are guided to do.

For me, I keep it simple. I will light a candle and meditate on the date of the Lion’s Gate. I may be guided to walk through the Lion’s Gate visually, as I am highly visual, yet I won’t know till it’s time. So simply follow your own Guidance. It does not matter where you are or how you choose to receive. And since there is no time in Truth, do it any time you choose, or intend to receive all through the day and night. You are in charge. there is no “special” way that is better than the rest.

What you may expect: a clear path to your Heart’s Desire(s), an urge to move or travel or simply a beautiful feeling of Love. Each will receive according to their current state of being, which is perfect and in Divine Order. You may experience a higher level of energy and more Clarity. You may feel freer than ever before…free to be more you, free to move, free to let go or whatever Freedom means for you. Freedom to is much more evolved than Freedom from, by the way. You may be greatly inspired to choose a different path and you may feel so much Love that you simply want to share it. Thus you may very well feel like a great lighthouse of Love. simply being Love no matter where you are or what you are doing.

If a person is not ready for this great influx of Light, it may feel very uncomfortable. This is especially true for those who have already chosen to stay in the old. For sure, this Light will help you out of your comfort zone. This Light could make folks feel anxious, which is not anxiety, but an upgrade to their nervous system. Be loving to others and to yourself with self-care.

Know that this Lion’s Gate does not just happen in a day and then it’s gone (that is 3D thinking). The energy will continue and will further uplift you. The Magdalen Gateway’s energy will continue also.

Then in early September, an eclipse will anchor more strongly all that you have received. The date 8-8 is for the active and purposeful receiving of the Light. And so after the 8th, you can continue your intentions to receive. Whatever actions you take are and will be supported. Whatever you think and feel will be highlighted, empowered and manifest, so stay positive. It is helpful to intend to receive through your Crown and into your Pineal Chakra, for the Pineal is the Light distributor. You can intend also to bring it right into your High Heart as well. I like to bring the Light into all my chakras, aura and bodies, including my cellular and electrical systems. You will be guided as to where to direct this Light or you can intend for it to go to where it is needed the most.

The purpose of all gateways and portals and eclipses is to rise and expand in Love. to be all that you are. to be Soul-merged. This is an expansion of your consciousness. your Christ consciousness, where life flows effortlessly and gracefully into the highest possible forms. The choice remains…do you want to stay in the world of duality or bring you and all of Earth to a higher state of being? This means that it is important to let go of all duality, including judgment, anger and other aspects of right/wrong, good/bad, stress/peace, etc.  Can you fully let go of any addiction to drama and duality and be in Acceptance of What Is in this Moment?

If we want it, Peace, Harmony, Love and all your Soul's desires for your life is here and if this is your intention, it is now available for you. There will still be those worldly distractions and there will still be moments of duality, yet if you know the Truth of Who you are, you can observe without attachment. For certainly, you will see that there are two worlds living side by side on Earth. You get to choose which one you live in.

Note: Because of some issues on the tool that sends out the Ascension Notes, there are a few errors...mostly putting a comma where a semi-colon should be. No worries. the energy of the Note will certainly shine through.

Copyright: Feel free to share any portion of the Ascension Notes. I would appreciate being credited.

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