Monday, August 15, 2016

Hilarion: Love IS The Answer, Dear Ones

  Via Marlene Swetlishoff On 8-14-16

Beloved Ones,
Trust that all the changes taking place ARE taking place. These changes begin first on the etheric levels and filter down to the material plane of existence. The higher levels are active and the process has been set in motion and will continue until the ascension takes place. Nothing and no one has been forgotten. We understand that this is something that is difficult for many of you to accept given the appearance of your day to day life on Earth.

We ask that you look past the appearances, for they are illusions, illusions that have been perpetuated for thousands of years and now these illusions are being broken, are being dismantled so that what appears in its stead is the true state of being, the true state of affairs upon the planet and in the higher realms.

Humanity is not helpless; humanity needs to awaken to the realities that are besetting them. Humanity needs to remember their strength and power. They need to remember that they agreed to this experience before ever they came to Earth during this incarnation. You it is who has the strength, the knowledge, the wisdom, the understanding and the experience to overcome these illusions and as you do this you set free many, many others of humanity around you until there is a turning point for everyone upon the planet. 

Too many of Earth’s humanity believe all that they are told in the regular mainstream media and it is your input, you holding your Light and energy that will create the opening that is needed to awaken them to the higher realities that exist, to move beyond conspiracy theories, to move beyond all that seeks to distract and dismay.

As we have said over and over in our messages, the greatest truth is that love is the answer to all that besets this world. Love - people need love, people need to experience the compassion and empathy of others, people need to know that they are loved. All that we have said before is the news from the highest realms, the highest realms of light and vibration and this is where everything begins, on the etheric realms. 

This is why we say that everything is well and everything is perfect. The Divine Plan rules out nothing, everything is taken into account and those souls who have suffered greatly upon the Earth also have known what they would be facing but they still chose to come here. It does not mean that we are not compassionate or that we are not loving. It simply means that the Divine Plan continues; that the Divine Plan is in place and in force.

Of what good would a message of gloom and doom do to help uplift those who have come to hold the Light, to hold the higher energies. All that would happen is that everyone would sink into a morass of darkness. This is not what Lightworkers have come to do. Yes, there will be those who attack by responding to our messages as though we have no compassion or empathy. These are those people who see only the outer appearances, who have hearts that are easily impacted by all the chaos and suffering that surrounds them. These ones must learn to understand that everything that is taking place is as it should be in order to effect the greater change, the greater awakening that is even now occurring.

Through the years we have sought to bring truth from the higher realms to the people of the world and it seems that there are many who are getting tired of what they call ‘fluff’ of love and Light. And we ask, what would it take for these people to think in positive terms? What would it take to turn consciousness around upon this planet? 

Surely, they would not want for all of humanity to be lost to the darkness that is inherent in the chaos that surrounds them at this time? That has happened before during the times of Atlantis because people wanted to believe the illusions, that they could not see through the illusions, through the appearances, did not listen to those who wanted to give wise counsel and so it was, that Atlantis sank beneath the oceans.

You, the Lightworkers, have come to ensure that this does not occur again! What you see as chaos is the ascension process in progress. Change is happening in every area of life upon this planet. Change is the order of the day, each day, until permanent change takes place within the consciousness of everyone! To all the inhabitants of the Earth, we speak in terms of love because that is the greatest power ever! Love IS the answer, Dear Ones. 

You must love beyond measure, you must continue to love those that would strike out against you. Always BE the love, BE the role model, BE the example of love in action! This is what the Being called Christ came to demonstrate to us two thousand years ago. To let us know that this is the Way, this is the form that must be taken in order to accomplish the far reaching changes during this exceptional opportunity that is now before humanity and the Earth.

The Earth will ascend, regardless; it is humanity that must shift its consciousness to a higher level in order to take advantage of the opportunity that is given during these cycles of the ages that are before you now. I say again, it is an opportunity that is before humanity and not the end of the world, only the end of the world as you knew it. What is changing are the obsolete paradigms that no longer work, that have not worked for many centuries. What is changing is a positive, this is what you, the Lightworkers, must remember. 

And so, as one from the higher realms, I seek to continue to counsel you to remain calm, to be at peace, to carry peace as your vibration so that it brings greater stability upon the Earth. This is what we shall continue to counsel for all of our Lightworkers who are on the ground, on the surface of this planet trying to help as best they can. Hold your Light steady, Dear Ones, always hold your Light - no matter if others seek to hold you responsible for being the messenger of these truths. Be always faithful to the Creator of All That Is - for this is what gives you the strength to continue on. And so it is!
Until next week…
I AM Hilarion

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