Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Disclosure Digest 8-16-16

The Zika Charade Is Being Un-masked

Before America Wanted To Eradicate Them, The U.S. Military Was Weaponizing The ZikaMosquito

 Take those Franken-squitos and shove 'em:

Remember Hydra? Well, Monsanto is one of those big, bad tentacles:

Similarly, George Soros has been weaponizing NGO's and giving true philanthropy a bad name
More Middle East fun-facts to ponder:

Remember. all the tech of Star Trek and Star Wars fame already exists in the shadow government Secret Space Programs and our tax dollars paid for it. The Pentagon just claimed that it can't account for the whereabouts of six and a half trillion dollars; go figure:

Here's the skinny on the up-coming Aquarius Full Moon on Thursday:

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