Saturday, March 21, 2015

A Message to Lightworkers From The Collective On 3-20-15

The latest guidance for Lightworkers, from our friends, the fifth and sixth dimensional beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, beloved friends and workers in the Light!

We greet you with real Love, understanding, and celebration today.

For on this beautiful spring equinox day, in which the Earth also saw a powerful New Moon moment, we are full of the joy that only a homecoming of much-loved friends and family can bring.

And while you may see no Angels with trumpets blaring through your skies, you have no doubt noticed the upsurge in emotional/mental and physical energetic activity these past few weeks, affecting your own life and that of those near you.

And that is not imaginary; it is no illusion for your physical vehicles are undergoing the kind of transformation, and your emotional energies/thoughts/experiences are undergoing the kind of transmutation and renewal, that only Ascension can bring.

We are aware that some of this is uncomfortable, that it may feel some days as if you are mourning a loss, and that the layers being pulled away from you—and the false tales and delusions that were bred into you—are parts of yourself that you would prefer not to see go.

We fully comprehend your confusion, just as we understand your unhappiness with the tumult the outer world is experiencing, with armies and governments still at war, still involved in land and property theft, still involved seemingly, in every form of deception and fraud.

And yet we say to you, that though these endings are kicking up quite a storm, they are still endings.

You are still in the process of releasing much that must be dissolved and released or utterly transmuted, (though in truth, as with all energy, all of it will be transmuted at some point, as all energy must—even those dark energies which will be absorbed back into a black hole of uncreated matter).

You are awaiting justice to be done, and old corrupt forms to be dismantled, and we understand you completely.

You are not alone—we watch from our ships, as others watch from much higher dimensions in their transferable physical-to-pure-energy form, or their ongoing pure energy form (as some Beings are pure Light at all times).

We watch, and we hear the Angels and Archangels intoning increasingly higher frequencies of Love and Light—while every form of life on your planet reaches higher in its vibration.

These tonal variations enhance the work of the sacred geometries now being activated in all sectors, to raise your planet’s vibration to a higher level than it has ever experienced while in this dimension.

When this process is finished, you will have arrived at fifth dimensional Earth-life forms, upon a fifth dimensional planet—at a higher level than what was achieved even in Atlantis and Lemuria, or the current Inner Earth of Agartha.

We say this knowing that you are still in the throes of this beautiful and unprecedented transformation, and we send you our loving support and the assurance that you are never alone in this journey, even that which tests and stretches you beyond what you feel is necessary for growth.

We do, in fact, note many Lightworkers asking, at different times in their lives, Did I ask for this?
Did I place this event, this experience or relationship, this lack or loss, in my blueprint for this life? Could I have been that foolish?

And we would say that as always, there is no lack or loss—those are illusions.

And that you cannot lose anyone you love, for those connections are created long before you come to the Earth, and remain long after—we do not even place them in a timeline as the third dimension has taught you to do, for the notion of Then and Now and Someday is a lie and an illusion that you are increasingly releasing and no longer trusting as your truth.

Yes, you asked to be here at this astounding time, and that meant living yet another painful, difficult, traumatizing Earth life.

And yet you are increasingly moving beyond the confines of the ego, which sees Life as something that happens to it, whether for or against it.

You are increasingly letting go of the notion of your Self as an entity separate from all others, and are increasingly living as your Higher Self, speaking daily with your guides and angelic guardians in your sleep and/or in your waking hours, and deferring to their wisdom over your immediate preferences.

For many of those preferences have led you away from wisdom, into fear and anger and feelings of insecurity, feelings of needing to defend yourself against the ongoing madness of Earth’s struggles.
Yet increasingly, you are releasing the impulses to defend, to view yourself as standing alone against the world.

You are increasingly seeing how completely, beautifully, and perfectly you are connected to all Life, all persons, all animals and plants, to the sky and the ground and waterways—to the Universe, to the All-That-Is.

And we would say that those fifth dimensional stirrings are now to increase to powerful levels, ones in which you show daily evidence that you are creating your own fifth dimensional life, and joining us in Galactic society.

Understand that you—that we all—have won this great and challenging, at times soul-scorchingly difficult ascent.Victory is at your right hand—reach for it, knowing it is there. Celebrate, and dance the unprecedented higher energies of this equinox into your Earth, and into your heart-mind.

For we are here, and you are one of us.

Namaste, friends! We are with you, at every moment.

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