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The Angels: You Are Embarked Upon A Quantum Journey

Thanks to Lizzie and her Venusian 'angels' for this spot-on overview of where we are in this NOW moment of planetary ascension...DT the ET 

Channelled By Tazjima On 3-15-15

We greet you this day. We are messengers from the Divine Mother and emissaries of Her love for each of her children.

We have come with special tidings for those who are considering making changes in their lives. The energies of new that are now steaming in upon your planet support change, encourage change, even for those souls who resist it the most.

There is a wave of awakening coursing through the world. Those with sensitive natures have picked it up before the rest of the population, sensing the currents as they stir the mind, the body, but most especially the heart. These currents, some delicate, some powerful as they emanate from your sun and the galactic central sun, remind some of you of things long forgotten or buried under every day concerns. These stirrings are reminders of the energies and frequencies of “home”, which set up a poignant sense of remembrance and yearning for those who feel lost in this world.

You are reminded that each of you… each of you volunteered to come here. You were eager to undertake the vast project of bringing a darkened world back into the light. It has been a project that has grown in dimension as each roadblock has been encountered, overcome, just to find another roadblock seemingly hindering forward progress.

We are here to remind you, also, that your Oversoul chose this experience. A portion of your multidimensional self was separated from the rest by a Veil of forgetfulness, yet, in truth, you have never been alone on your journey. And now that the Veil is thinning, you are being reminded of your vows to dedicate your life to this one project, to shine your light into the darkest corners of this earth and to do so with the true magnificence of your real nature.

This journey as is the case with all journeys of great purpose, requires great courage and perseverance, determination and grit. Yet some of you have forgotten that you are eternal beings and worry about your day to day condition, about your jobs, your relationships, your belongings, the latest gossip held forth on the television and corporate news. You have forgotten your eternal nature and what you have come here to do.

Your lower mind, designed as a protective mechanism for the physical body, has been stuffed with conditionings, whys, shoulds, what if’s and other sources of fear and worry that distract you from the realization that you are already whole, perfect and, indeed, strong enough to undergo any task set before you. Your ego is not the enemy... there is no "enemy" for nothing exists outside the Wholeness of Source of which you are a part.

Even the ancient arts of metaphysics have recently been utilized against your eternal natures as you wonder what food you should eat, just how or why you should meditate, should you hold your fingers just so in what mudra, what chants to repeat, what master to follow… concerns that serve to further confuse your mind and keep you from your purpose. These are distractions as each of you are unique and must determine what is right for you, in the moment, each step you go forth. And that will change as you change. There is no one “right” way for everybody or every body.

Your purpose has always been to find god. Some would cringe to hear this, denying that god or, in fact, that any gods exist, yet true divinity rests within your being, etched out upon your quantum DNA, within each cell, within each atom and electron of your being. Yet many of you go into denial about this awareness, this yearning that exists even from the time that you first draw breath upon this world. Where is the rest of me? Where is my true nature? Who am I? Where did I come from? Am I special, unique, one of a kind?

Each of you is special, unique and one of a kind, yet you are also bound together, as a collective of intelligent awareness, along with all living creatures and the earth itself, your planet that is ensouled by a Great Being (Archangel), called Gaia by some and Terra by others.

Even as your days are filled with mundane concerns you feel a certain emptiness, a yawning divide between yourself and others. And it is filled with a sense of self-loathing and self-hatred, driven by the conditioning that you have endured as a youngster, designed by those who do not hold the highest regard for humanity or even the planet. And you have been conditioned by your own heritage of lifetimes spent upon this planet, as well as your physical and genetic disposition handed down by your parents and your bloodline.

Blood carries light, which is intelligence. This intelligence carries your true nature, your true divinity, graced to you by ancestors who came here to give a developing species a gift of self-awareness so it might step upon a path leading it to being a galactic race in the long distant future. The divinity is wrapped up in the entangled bundles of DNA that you carry within your physical body, yet for most part have been inert and unresponsive.

There is a requirement before your quantum DNA will activate and begin to unfold the wonders and ancient wisdom that it contains. It requires your intention and will for it to do so… it requires your belief in yourself, your self-acceptance, your self-love and in turn, your love and acceptance of all those who also carry the lineage of the stars within… all of humanity, your sisters and brothers. It requires also the respect and love for the earth itself and all life that is here to support you in your efforts, as well.

All that divides you, from self, from others, is what divides you from knowing, feeling, sensing and experiencing your own true nature. What frees you is the awareness that you contain everything that you need for your journey within yourself. You do not need to seek a master. You may go to others for a healing or an activation, but you truly carry the keys to your own freedom and mastery within, only waiting for your permission to awaken the sleeping gifts of your true divine nature.

Humanity is coming to a crossroads. Indeed, this time, long foreseen by seers and prophets, is already upon you. It is a time for the coming of age of humanity. It is a time when those who have been keyed into their eternal being will lead the rest forth into adulthood, where each person is fully aware and conscious that they are not only a physical creature, but really a consciousness that is housed within a physical vessel, self-aware and capable of traveling in consciousness anywhere and everywhere through worlds unseen, worlds that exist side-by-side with this one.

Some of you feel that you need to leave this world in order to ascend, to reunite with your “higher self”, but in truth, there is no “higher” or “lower” self. The portion of awareness that has been housed within a singular human body, has always had the access to the other portion of self seemingly left behind when in fact merely forgotten… in a game of remembrance… re-membering or rejoining with self, here and now.

Your true nature spans dimensions, worlds, and out distances your conception of time and space, so your egoic mind seeks to distract you, to keep you here… and yet with a momentary loosening of the anchor, you can soar and experience other places, times without going anywhere.

The realness of your divine nature, that which was gifted to all humanity by your galactic kin - the Pleiadians,  eludes those who would abuse the gifts, of self and of others. Selflessness is a key to opening the doorways to the golden gifts of the soul essence that lies within your own heart sanctuary, within the cells of your own physical body, within your own self-awareness as a part of Source.

Even though you might live in a humble house or cottage and own few material goods, you are by potential a powerful being. Seek within that ancient wisdom that will give you the understanding of those secrets of your own past and that of your planet that are now being revealed, even though the clues have been there all along in plain sight.

What you have been told about your selves, about your world, about your own potential as an individual and as a collective, is far from the whole story. That story, that wonderful story, is yours to uncover and to discover as you re-open the pages of a long-closed and dusty book, the pages and knowledge imprinted upon your own being, yours to access as you grow in self-awareness and self-acceptance, step by step, day by day.

The keys to your freedom lie within. These keys were given to humanity, to one species of human-like beings upon this planet during a time when many species wandered the face of the earth. Your species is all that remains of the genetic evolution of mankind. You were not created within labs or on space ships but through the normal birth process, over many generations.

And the genes that made a difference in your survival and now-growing self-awareness, came from another race, but one that is close to your own enough so that its people could walk the earth today and not appear to be much different than you… except that they are much taller and more beautiful in appearance.

Yet this race, too, has evolved and undergone its own process of refinement, becoming light beings in the ensuing thousands of years since your species was engendered. And even now, they await the opening of your eyes, your inner eyes and senses, as you truly approach that grand moment of birthing into a fully conscious galactic race, no longer earth-bound. For some of the outriders, the Wayshowers, that moment is on the horizon… and some have already crossed the horizon and have been enfolded in the arms of their awaiting kin… and then sent back to lead the rest of humanity forth towards their destiny.

Release your fears and judgment, your core sense of separation from self, from others, but mostly from your own divine nature. Each day, as you undergo your simple or complex life, you carry within the seeds of awakening into your true nature. You start the process of unfolding and blooming within your own self, within your conscious intent, focus and desire to be whole and reunited with self and with kin.

We are here, as support, guidance and above all, to serve as nurturers and encouragement as you, yourself must do the work. Your kin… your galactic kin await your awakening, but they will not approach until your frequency levels rise to their own and you will suddenly “see” and realize that they’ve been here all along, resting in a parallel but faster vibrational frequency than your own.

The dimensions are entangled, as your own physicists are discovering. They do not exist as layer cakes, one dimension on top of another, but within and around each other, in a quantum existence that would only serve to confuse your logical and rational reasoning… but that which your heart understands due to its inherent quantum nature.

The heart that we speak of is the divine seed or flame or light that each of you carry within. It has been described by mystics as the secret chamber of the heart… the three-fold flame, and yet it exists outside of human definition, residing in this dimension and others simultaneously, in true quantum, multidimensional fashion. You are more than your physical appearance. You are gods being born into quantum self-awareness and that journey has just begun.

We are the Angels of the Divine Mother.

Channeler: Eliza Ayres (aka Tazjima Amariah Kumara VaCoupe)
©All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

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