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The Arcturian Corridor: Opening the Portal - Part 1

Channelled By Suzanne Lie On 3-14-15

The Arcturian Corridor has opened before, so let us go back into the past to take a peek at our future. Nothing is New in the NOW of the ONE. We have all had myriad lives on many worlds, realities and dimensions.

As our perceptions awaken to see the energy fields that were once invisible, we begin to remember how we opened portals into higher dimensions, so that we can do so again. The Corridor of Ascension awaits us. How do we open our personal portals to accept it?

Opening the Portal – Part 1 

My name is Tutenakqua. I am a High Priest of the Sacred Maya.
I speak with you today to tell you the mission of my life that existed about 520 years (as you count them) before your time of 1995 AD. I feel that it is appropriate to speak to you now, as my contribution in my timeframe is not unlike yours in your timeframe. Our spirit runs continuously through third dimensional time and space via the unity of our sixth dimensional consciousness.

I will begin the story with my early adulthood. I was specially chosen to fulfill a destiny for my people. The Priests had been awaiting the sign of my entrance into embodiment for many years. Finally, the portents came to pass. The Mothership had come and the Sons of Heaven had chosen the Daughters of Earth to create bodies for me and for my fellow travelers. When the women were all with child, the Home Ships returned to the skies.

It is very difficult for a third dimensional woman to mate with and successfully carry a child of a sixth dimensional male. The men had to take the great risk of lowering their vibrations, and the women had to stay very pure and meditate for many years in order to raise their vibrations. The result, if successful, would be a child who could easily exist on the third, fourth and even fifth dimensions at the same moment. Three others and myself were born in this manner and survived to adulthood.

We lived most of our lives within the confines of the temple. This may seem like a harsh life, but since we could so easily travel in the inner worlds, the sacrifice was minimal. Also, our fathers would come at regular intervals to take us on our Arcturian Mothership. You see, our Arcturian fathers were chosen for this mission because Arcturians arose from a Star Gate world.

As a Star Gate world, many different dimensional worlds can be accessed in the regions of the Bootes Constellation, where Arcturus lies in the heavens. Our fathers actually functioned on dimensions higher than the fifth while they were away from Earth and traveling the Universe. However, when they came to Earth they had to restrict themselves to a fifth dimensional Lightbody.

The four of us were always joyous when we received messages from our fathers, as they gave us many important lessons. We were very telepathic and empathic, and communicated with them in this fashion. We were actually quite glad to live our lives separated from the third dimensionals, as their uncontrolled thoughts and feelings were a constant intrusion on our minds.

There had been a fifth one of us, but she was so open to the higher planes that she could not stay functional in her third dimensional shell. She became what others thought of as insane. Actually, she was quite sane in the higher planes. Finally, her third dimensional form became ill due to the turbulence of emotions.

We begged the priests to release her from her clay prison so that she could be free of its painful limitations, but they did not wish to terminate one of their ‘experiments.’ Our fathers intervened in her behalf. They released her to her higher form and took her with them to Arcturian Mothership.
Our fathers often took us to Venus. Venus’s life forms vibrate at the fifth and sixth dimensions. We loved it there because we could totally be ourselves and run freely around without the guards who constantly surrounded us on Earth. I actually thought of Venus as being my home more than anywhere else.

Arcturus was our fathers’ homeworld and when we went there, we stayed with them and their families. When I was there I felt somewhat like an “experiment” because I was a “hybrid.” My Arcturian father had another mate and other children from whom I felt excluded. It is not that they were unkind to me, but rather, that their lives did not include me, and I always felt like a visitor.

On Venus, there were many “hybrids” and Earthlings who were resting and restoring themselves there after their Earthly sojourn. Our fathers took us to Venus more often than to Arcturus or to the Mothership. They would come to Earth to take us to Venus, leave us with our many friends there, and return to Earth to complete their mission.

Fortunately, we soon learned to travel to Venus via our higher consciousness. Our friends could see us in our higher bodies and we could visit and play freely. Earth was merely the location of our mission, but we did make some friends on your planet, like Serenathenia. Serenathenia was our mother figure and cared for all of us with great love. We were only with our birth mothers the first two years of our life so that we could bond with our third dimensional shells.

However, the priests were concerned that we would forget our powers if we became too bonded with the third dimensional plane, so at two years of age, we were taken into the care of our dear Serenathenia. She was chosen to mother us since she could live in both worlds. Serenathenia was a Venusian, and was the one who taught us to travel to Venus in our minds.

We saw our Earth mothers on special holidays only, and since they had all taken husbands and had other children, we began to feel as left out of their lives as we did from our fathers’ lives. Hopenakaniah bonded deeply with her mother, Ashathkania, who never married or had other children. In fact, Hopenakaniah became a special friend to all of us, as well as a second mother.

Hopenakaniah was very happy to share her mother with us, as we all felt of one blood. We were constantly together from the time we were two years old, so we were very close. Outside of the two women who cared for us, there was only one other Earthling with whom we were intimate. His name was Sackatukeneon.

Sackatukeneon was supposed to be our servant, but his secret wisdom far surpassed that of the rigid, pompous priests. We discovered just before our transition that he was actually an Ascended Being who had manifested a body so that he could assist us. Our fathers were also close to us, but we preferred to see them on the Mothership or on Venus, where we could feel more a part of their world.

When our dear sister died to her Earth shell, everyone was concerned that the same thing would happen to more of us, so we became even more sheltered from the third dimensionals. Several of the priests had streaks of anger, greed and fear in their auras. When we told our fathers this, they discreetly limited our exposure to only three priests. Our fathers were careful to give an acceptable reason so as not to make enemies for us among the third dimensional priests.

It was known among the enlightened members of the priesthood that there were many unenlightened souls among them. They also knew that this fact signaled the eventual end of their great empire. The sacrifice of the heart had degenerated to the actual removal of the physical organ and became the sacrifice of the enemy rather than a sacrifice of the highest citizens.

The three Mayan priests, who we called our “Father Priests,” were our teachers. Their names were Lux, Uk, and Kahn, which when spoken as “Luxukkahn” meant the three Essences of Truth. Lux was the human representative of Love; Uk represented Wisdom; and Kahn represented Power. These three were our teachers.

They were in such perfect harmony with themselves and with each other that they finished each other’s sentences, harmonized their voices in perfect unity and operated as one consciousness. Yet, at the same time, they were complete individuals. Only a few priests knew of their abilities, as the Dark Ones (the unenlightened priests) would surely do them harm if they knew of their combined ability.

We telepathically called our father priests “Lux-Uk-Kahn”, and the one to whom we spoke would answer while the others listened and augmented his reply when necessary. The priesthood thought that Lux-Uk-Kahn were teaching us the Sacred Rituals and history of Maya. They did not know that they were teaching us much more!

Now you know of our Earthly family. From the time we were seven, when our sister translated back to spirit worlds, until our moment of final initiation, these were the only Earthlings that we saw. We lived our lives within the great pyramids. There were three pyramids at that time, which were all connected by a vast underground network of tunnels.

Since all of these grounds were consecrated, we were free to go anywhere we wished as long as we were accompanied by one of the aforementioned adults. You might think that we would want to escape from our bondage, but we did not. In fact, we saw it not as bondage, but as protection.

From the heights of our pyramid, we could see the confused and unhappy auras of many of the third dimensional people below. Our sister, who could no longer remain in her shell of clay, had sneaked out one evening just before she lost her Earthly reason. We never told anyone that she had done so, but when we saw her months of agony, we knew that we would not follow her example.

Our childhood passed quite pleasantly. The four of us became One Being, in the same way Lux-Uk-Kahn had modeled for us, but simultaneously, we retained our individuality. Our two mothers loved us deeply and also grew to love each other. They were content and happy in their lives and passed on that aura of Love and contentment to us.

Sackatukeneon was our best playmate. He took us with him on many journeys into the inner worlds. We moved beyond time and space to visit different planes and time frames. One of our favorite trips was to Atlantis, the home of our ancestors. We visited with our past Selves, in their night bodies, so as not to alarm them, and learned our Atlantian lessons directly from the source.

We quickly recognized that the fall of the Atlantean Empire was not unlike the present state of our Maya world. The four of us had worked together in Atlantis on a mission similar to the one we had accepted in Maya. However, Sackatukeneon would not inform us of any of the details of what our mission here would be. “Your mission must come to each of you from deep inside yourselves when you are ready to receive it,” he would say.

It was shortly after that statement that I began to have the dreams. I was reaching my manhood and hoped that the dreams symbolized a deep change in me. I was afraid, however, that the dreams were somehow a part of my mission. The dreams were not good. In fact, they were actually nightmares. Strange creatures with four legs and hair on their faces were invading our land.

Their heads were made of a strange metal that I had not seen before, except on my travels with my father. These creatures were Lords of Fire. They had large sticks, which emitted a fire that would hurt or kill anyone in its path. They also had a dragon that they pulled with large four-legged animals. This dragon had a fire much stronger than the sticks.

“We must leave, we must leave!” I would cry. Morning after morning, I would awaken with these words screaming in my head or in my voice. Sometimes I would wake myself up with my own voice. The other three, who slept in the same room, grew weary of my nightly cries and begged me to be quiet so that they could sleep. But they told no one else.

The four of us had established such a special trust that anything that happened between the four of us was an absolute secret, even from our Earth family. Sackatukeneon knew about our special agreement, as he could read it in our minds. He said nothing. He only nodded as if to encourage us. Once he even said, “You four must be as ONE. Nothing must infiltrate your group uninvited.”

At last, however, after many nights of my screaming, the three gathered around me in the dead of the night. As one person, they said, “We can no longer bear to see you suffer. We are afraid that you may become like our sister who had to be released from her clay form.”

“Yes,” I replied. “I too have that fear. But, when I am not dreaming, my reason is still with me. Perhaps it is time to share my dreams with you. Maybe you can help me. We are becoming adults now. The dreams may be a product of my maturing vision.”

They agreed and listened intently while I relayed the overall theme of my recurring dreams. My worst fear was realized. Each one of them, in their own time, registered a look of recognition on their face. I knew that they too had had the dreams, only not as extreme. The visions were not of the end of my own personal life, but rather, the end of our entire society!

“Yes,” they answered me one by one, “I too, have had that dream. What will we do? We must tell someone, but who?” After much discussion we decided that we would first tell Sackatukeneon. He was the most detached from the Mayan Society. We decided that because of that fact, he could be more objective. It took a full cycle of the moon before the time was right to share our story with Sackatukeneon.

Fortunately, my dreams ceased after I had shared them with my siblings. In fact, we had almost decided to keep it to ourselves, when Sackatukeneon told us a story about a race of people who lived across the wide body of land and the waters, who rode upon an animal called a “horse.”

“Then that is not their own legs?” blurted out my brother Hegsteomen.”

Sackatukeneon merely said, “Continue children, or must I now call you adults?”

“Yes, yes, we are adults now. And we have all had the same vision. Tutenakqua kept us awake for many nights with his dreams. Finally, we spoke to him about what all of us had seen in our dreams. These horse people are horrible barbarians and will lead our society into ruin.”

“My children, our society, as you have called it, has already led itself into ruin. All things third dimensional must eventually die, even the Great Maya!”

“But what can we do?” we replied at once.

“Come now,” he said, as he rose. “We must tell this to your three father priests. They have been waiting for you to be ready.”


Are YOU ready?

SUE: YES I AM ready

How did your childhood prepare – or NOT prepare – you for the important mission for which you volunteered?
SUE: I remembered many past/alternate lives, which were far more interesting than the one I was living, so I was inside my imagination most of the time. However, NOTHING in the 3D prepared me at all.

Are you aware of your Galactic heritage? If so, how did you become aware?
SUE: Yes, but it took many years, decades, before I was sure it was real and that I was NOT crazy.

Are you aware of your inner messages? If so, how do you receive them?
SUE: Yes, I am very aware of them. They come into my inner vision and I draw “out there” pictures and into my hearing, so I learned to channel.

Sharing our personal experiences with others greatly assists us all to: Make Ascension NORMAL.
I have left my answers to let you know they do not need to be long. It is the NOW that allow our SELF to speak!!

Blessings, Sue

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