Monday, March 30, 2015

SaLuSa: 3-28-15

SaLuSa"s familiar 'voice' through a new channeller, Phil, about whom little is known at this time...DT the ET

Channelled By Phil

Heaven has decreed reform and rectification of religious and political organizations on your world. These changes lay in wait to spring into action and will be piercing in effectiveness.  With nationalism Replaced with a flattened world order, a level playing field, and where all stand equal.

Some will be very accommodating, while for others cause confusion, with reactions of mockery and derision to changes. Dear Ones these changes are for your safety and security as no other Star System lives as you do with so much discordance, to continue on this path is to face oblivion. To those found wanting of considered ethical reasoning think of the love and warm feelings you have for your family as under the new system they would face a clear bright future. The underlining tide is moving in the direction of bringing healing to All, and your DNA will be upgraded. Your world is set to rise in consciousness and the plan for your ascension has been well thought out.

Use your inner guidance to discern what is being offered concerning your life. We  are your guides helping through the bewildering choices offered you, and beware of fussing over every detail, rather go within to see what your heart says, as your Heart knows truth. You may now close the door to this time of troubles as the seeds have been sown for a future of nurturing and richness. Many of you can feel the changes as they are being rolled out on material plane. It is a time of coming together, merging as One and casting off old ways forever.

The proliferation of nuclear weapons is objectionable, the central issue at play, and of great significance. We recommend work this issue out, so you may assure your entry into an era of peace and safety - free of these class of weapons and not repeat the worst chapters of past. In truth if women were put at the helm of this it would stop these life destroying actions. More needs doing than papering over contentious issues, as that would be to live in delusion. Upon arriving in your vicinity we will henceforth banish those weapons to history.

The Dark Cabal has created much distortion of the need for war, of relevance is their claim that these weapons are needed so you can counter the growth of China. Further they claim that if they all had a car and coal fired power plants you would all be smothered in smog. Step back from this thinking, cast the propaganda aside and look to more harmonious ways of living with each other.

Preferential treatment given fully based on outward appearances must become profane. You can use your single voice on Internet to spread this thinking far and wide in a graceful and dignified manner. Dear Ones know there are heights of plenty on your world more than enough for all to enjoy a jet set lifestyle and for each person to be given land enough for a Manor.

Moving into your heart will bring healing energy, and the dark that clouds your vision fade from view. Love will take away any reckless meandering for out of balance living. The scramble for love and attention must be balanced with the damage it causes.

We know of your thirst for better health care and pharmaceutical systems. These need to be opened up and thoroughly examined. Many medications manufactured have been exaggerated favourably more than their actual effectiveness, and you have been treated as no more than vassals by the Medical  complex. People refusing their offerings are seen as eccentric or disreputable. This can only happen because they massage their numbers.

We are honoured to the nth degree that you are progressively raising your vibration in face of all that set against you, and watched as you Overcame self-indulgence and tripped up the ego or lower nature. This is absolutely essential to having an undisturbed mind as the Buddha taught. These teachings are sensitive and perceptive. You may also do deep breathing and chanting Ohm, as this would enhance the quality of what you experience. This can create kindness in the world and improve how well you feel about yourselves.

The protective fence that was built to stop worst of karmic consequences coming back to you, is being removed. So you are entering into a time of great volatility in that respect. It is advisable to have an uncompromising attitude regarding your ethics and actions. Also you should not give to flexibility on matters of conscience.  As always no score is being kept and no judgement is placed upon you, as you are doing your best amid the lower vibrations.

We know this can be hard to hear and not flattering, but if accepted can revitalize your path toward the Light. Be assured that your place in Ascension is 'fait accompli', and when you ascend you will be unrecognizable from former and proceed with good grace. You may not have accomplished all that you wanted in life due to mistakes made and feel regret, but this is easily dismissed as after ascension you have all eternity to do the things wished for.

We are aware that many of you work very hard but in doing so may get run down, so take the herbs and supplements you need to stay healthy. Also it is necessary to keep up appearances so as not become target of others amusement, because as light-workers you are laid open and exposed to prolific harsh attitudes.

You are the ones with foreknowing of the wonders and awe that awaits, and you can read between the lines to sense synchronicities. You can see the machinations of the Dark Ones to kill and steal. They planned to lower your consciousness and greatly reduce the population so that they might more easily enslave you by implantation  with cybernetic control systems.

Their plans are being delayed and jumbled. Our allies are spotting their schemes. Despite being very parasitic they believe themselves high above you, but Mother Earth has given life to All, no matter if strong or weak. If they had gone along with the changes they would not be so dismayed at the current news headlines. For too long now they have hidden behind a multi-layered fence hiding a Big Lie, and showed their teeth to anyone that got too close to the truth. Their world of make-believe was consolidated and reinforced by their puppets in positions of power and influence. These predatory practices are illegal by universal law and the Dark skirt and dodge this simple fact, but time will come when they will have to face punitive actions.

The Age of Aquarius is pouring out Spirit on the Church, and it is creating a wind of change there. It has been a long journey and looming for some time, but in overview everything comes around to highest Light in the spin of time.

Your experience in duality has taken on a life of it's own and gone very far, but now the tree of duality has become bare. You're now at equilibrium, in that you see all that happens as One. This has given birth to a new perception, and moved you pass just big and empty talk. Your birth into higher awareness is pure and untouched, as you grow, learn and experience you may become overconfident, but as always you can return to the primary realization. Call on us for a helping hand on path to the Light, and you will find us agreeable and pleasant. We are all One, consequently we are just an aspect of yourselves.

The will to plunder another’s goods in collective humanity will be neutralized incrementally as the luminescent energies come to earth, and people will be turned around to see the severity of their folly. Your self-esteem will become linked to groups of people and less to do with you as an individual, which will create a sense that you are all on the same boat and your fates or successes are inexorably linked together. You are all the land owners of this Mother Earth and at the appropriate time you will not need laws as you will understand the order of things. We see that many of you are full of enthusiasm to dump the old and transfer to the New.

Our allies are now dug in and poised to implement changes to the Big Banks. The way business is done will be cleaned up, and topped off by a publicity campaign highlighting their work to tie down your hands with debt. This will be the cornerstone and beginning of a new cycle for the people. If you then watch the new cycle carefully you can avoid any undesired outcomes, and take corrective action if needed. The tidal wave of public opinion wants this issue resolved and restored from confusion, only the few who benefit from it would maintain the status quo.

Dear Ones you have been kept back by the very nature of duality and it was necessary as it will lead to the cessation of taking up arms in violence.  You have been insulated where we were allowed, and given premonitions when we could not intervene with your life plan. Your consciousness has a natural predisposition to expand daily, although you might have setbacks from time to time, you are still orientated toward the light in finality. You can now see past the clever deceptions and pitfalls placed on your path. By not forgetting your life mission you are fully prepared for what is ahead and not cannon fodder for others agendas.  I am SaLuSa from Sirius and have a great warmth of feeling for all of you.
Thank You SaLuSa.
Love, Phil.

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