Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Team: Projection of Your Consciousness


Channelled By Peggy Black On 3-16-15

We are here to support you remembering the future.

These are exciting times as well as challenging times for your planet. There is an enormous increase of cosmic energy activities preparing humanity for a powerful turning point. You are shifting from set programs, patterns and templates to a more holistic intuitive partnership and interaction with the quantum field, often referred to as the unified field.

The intense galactic energies bathing your planet are activating changes in your very DNA. Humanity is in an intense process of evolution. You are always interfacing, interacting, merging with this quantum field. You are responding to these increased celestial vibrations, as it should be. The goal is an awakened, enlightened humanity.

There will always be those who resist any type of change, even when it is offered in the very energy field where they live and move and have their experience. Then there are those who invite, embrace and celebrate the expanded change in consciousness being offered. You are anchoring this new awareness, seeding and strengthening this future reality.

Each conscious action, each shift in perception, each time you release a limited pattern or behavior, you are doing your transformational work. You are beginning to realize that you are this quantum energy. You are becoming aware that this quantum field is responding to what you offer. This neutral vibration field is awaiting your input and your vibrational interaction.

It is consciousness that created your physical form; it was, and is being, created from this field of all possibilities. Part of your awakening and your personal empowerment is to recognize and own this truth. The energy and vibrations of your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and intentions are responsible for informing this quantum field of who you are. Your physical form is a creation and projection of your consciousness.

Allow yourself to imagine for a moment, that by recognizing this personal power, you can begin to shift what is occurring within your body. Realize that you are made up of thousands and thousands of energy atoms moving at lightning speeds responding to your given patterns and beliefs. Your nervous system has recorded and stored all you have experienced and all that you have observed. Your pattern of creating your physical form moment to moment is taken care of at a deep subconscious level.

Since this pattern or blueprint is in place and you never challenge the outcome, physical limitations continue to be a part of what you experience. Remember you are a flow of intelligent energy. However, you have been programmed to accept incredible limitations. The matrix of limitation that holds this planet and humanity in a tight grip of powerlessness is being revealed.

More and more individuals are awakening to the truth that they create their reality and contribute to the collective reality. Things are shifting and we celebrate that truth with you, honoring and acknowledging this truth because it is you who are making these shifts real. This wave of consciousness bathing every aspect of your world is being anchored by beings like yourself.

Let us focus now on your physical form and the incredible unlimited possibilities that are yours to claim. Imagine that your DNA receives and transmits energy directly from the unified/quantum field of all possibilities. Your mind is a part of the unified field; matter and energy are a part of that field as well. So there is a dance and exchange of vibrations that is occurring at all times.

Imagine that your DNA is receptive and listening to your words and thoughts and translating your emotional vibrations into messages sent and received by each cell of the body. Ask yourself what messages are you sending to the master codes of your body. Realize that your cells and DNA, which hold all memories, patterns and codes, are replaced continuously over time.

You have the opportunity to reprogram and start fresh. You have the ability to open a portal of awareness that allows you to interface and connect with the consciousness of your own body.
Every cell has consciousness and responds to the nature of the vibrations that bathe it. Shift those vibrations and your cells will respond in a different manner.

Remember it is the energetic blueprint which has been handed down from generation to generation that has created the physical form in its limited capacity. This energetic blueprint will hold these patterns and boundaries in place. However, this is just a 3D reality and since you are a multidimensional conscious being, you can now begin to shift these limitations and step into the place of recreating your physical form as it begins to adjust and adapt to more and more cosmic light vibrations.

You can upgrade to your unlimited potential. There is a physical transmutation taking place as your physical form is shifting. As you begin to know this truth for yourself, you invite these shifts to accelerate. Every cell in your physical body is made to absorb tremendous amounts of cosmic light vibration. Welcome this realization.

Imagine each cell receiving more and more light which allows that cell to operate in divine integrity at its more efficient best. Your sunshine activates your DNA. The DNA switches are turned off or on and even re-synchronized within the cells of the body by these celestial frequencies and celestial gifts. Embrace this awareness as it activates a higher level of consciousness throughout your DNA and your entire body.

Begin to soften your beliefs around what you think is possible; pretend if necessary until you can hold a new reality in place. Your body is just a printout of your consciousness. As you anchor more consciousness there is more light activation. This awareness is what ascension is all about. This must become your truth at the deepest level of your awareness.

The more you can know yourself as a field of intelligent energy and light, and then begin to connect in a deeper way with all aspects of your physical body, the more you will engage in the healing of your form. You are being supported by the realms of love and light, by the celestial ones, and by the masters of form.

You are capable and unlimited. You are invited to claim your personal power to transform any misqualified energies however they manifest in your body. We have focused on your physical body today, however, the principle of the quantum field reflecting your input applies to everything.

We are available, along with all those in the celestial realms that you choose to invite, to support your expanded awareness as you begin to release all that is limiting. Remember you are making a difference every time you clear and transform some limited behavior or belief. Remember you are making a difference every time you invite more light consciousness into your reality and activities.

You are doing a great job. Allow yourself to be acknowledged for all the personal challenges that you have shifted and uplifted.

We embrace you with our gratitude. the ‘team’

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