Monday, March 23, 2015

The Angels: Pressing In Upon Your Divinity

Channelled By Tazjima On 3-20-15

God dwells within you. You are a part of God. What is God?

That is a question, my dear ones, which could fill a book. Let it suffice to know that ‘God’ is the Intelligence that runs the Universes, from the microcosmic to the macrocosmic levels. All that is, is included within the vastness of the Source of all being. All that is seen and all that is unseen, yet still felt. Most of you have little comprehension as to the vastness of worlds yet unseen, waiting to be explored by each of you.

You do not need to look for your reality or realization of your divine nature in anything else but reaching within yourself. The first exploration into the Universe takes place by going within.
Yes, we have told you this before, but dear human beings have so many doubts about their own self-worth. And if they do not have doubt, they hold such intense convictions that there is only one way to understand the Universe… and it’s not by going within.

These intense, often angry ones are puzzled why… if there truly is a God then why do ‘bad’ things happen to good people. They are caught up in the very dense 3D need to judge appearances, based on the paradigm in which they themselves have been brought up in. These brittle, rigid beliefs also break in the first heavy windstorm that hits, scattering fragile egos to the elements.

With the increasingly intense cosmic energies that are hitting your world and penetrating your bodies, it seems that you might not be able to withstand the next bout. Many of you fall ill, or drag your bodies around in a perpetual state of extreme fatigue, dreading the next powerful astrological alignment or portal.

Today, March 20th, is no exception as the energies emanating from a particularly powerful alignment of the solar eclipse, the equinox and a Uranus – Neptune square hold forth, driving people to their knees or into fear and rebellion.

Breathe. It does get better.

All these various ‘events’ are designed by the vast intelligence that runs the Universe. Designed to strip the veils from your eyes so that you might see yourself for what you are, angelic humans.
If you are not aware of it by now, your species is unique upon this planet. You were given your divinity through the blending of Pleiadian DNA with the DNA of one of the 17 species of humans existing on the planet some 100,000 years ago. The Pleiadians are angelic humans.

Many of their leaders are embodied archangels, some of whom you are aware, although most are unknown to humans today. They are your family. They were your progenitors. And they watch your progress as you undergo the process leading up to spiritual maturation, a process that will take some generations to come into full completion.

We smile, knowing that our words will disturb those who want ascension for their species right now… but mostly for themselves. Humans have learned to be impatient and to want, want, want everything yesterday, as if having material goods delivered to them or their desires fulfilled would truly satisfy for more than a few moments.

The angst that you are experiencing right now, is much like the angst experienced by teenagers, who are in turn sullen and rebellious, curious and open, frightened of growing old and needing to take on unwanted responsibilities and the same time yearning for individual freedom.

Paradoxes such as these delineated above can only be understood by going within and listening to your own heart center. The egoic, linear or rational mind only seeks to judge, define and categorize what it encounters in life. Paradox is beyond its ken.

Humans also have a tendency to stir up drama as a means of making themselves feel either victimized or more powerful than others around them. If they are allowed to play the victim, they do not have to feel responsible for what is happening to them or what other people or forces are doing to them.

There is no whining allowed in the fifth dimension or unity consciousness. So leave the angst behind.

Judgment is a function of rigid belief systems that have served well in the denser, slower vibrations of the third dimension, but must also be left behind as you rise up in frequency. Still, you will not be able to comprehend frequencies ‘higher’ than where you are currently vibrating until you reach those levels, as intellectual knowledge doesn’t bring true understanding.

The dimensions are entangled within each other, bundled like your DNA. The scientists wonder why most of your DNA appears to be inert in nature. It is because it is multidimensional and cannot yet be measured by 3D instrumentation. You, too, are multidimensional, but you cannot peer through the Veil that blocks your comprehension of your divinity until you discover the key for yourself through your intent to reach out to God.

You have been told that we the angels and other light beings cannot assist you until you ask for help. We obey the Laws of the Universe. To be more precise, these ‘laws’ are written into the very essence of our being. And one of the laws that governs your particular planet is the Law of Free Will. Through your intent your will is known and the Universe supports your intent to the fullest.

Perhaps the most intuitive among you will instantly see a problem that could arise from the use of intention… a problem at least for those who are still asleep or wallowing in victim consciousness. For those who have the intention of creating and controlling the rest of you through their intense and extremely focused intention can command the Universe through their will, or seemingly so.

What is occurring upon the planet now, in terms of geopolitical events is the natural outplaying of the game of intent. One group is highly organized and that group happens to be driven by a preoccupation of service to self rather than any desire to serve the whole of the human collective.
The ills of the world are driven by humans, not monsters, selfishly self-serving individuals for sure, but quite human. Yes, dreaming up stories of monsters allows the rest of those who are unwilling to step up to the plate of self-responsibility the opportunity to continue to wallow in the miasma of victimhood.

Yet adults do have to grow up sometime and so events press in upon you so that you will wake up and face head-on the phantasms that you as a race have self-created So, how can God let good people suffer? There is no clear answer to that question as for each individual soul, there are lessons to undergo, experiences and emotions to encounter. Maturity comes with dawning of understanding, with the extending of compassion towards the sufferings of others, even in the extension of your own suffering.

Perhaps you were born with a congenital defect or some physical imperfection that sets you to wondering what I did to deserve this. Perhaps nothing or perhaps in another lifetime you mocked someone who was less physically perfect than yourself and so now need to develop the understanding of how it feels to endure the mocking words of other fellow creatures.

Some humans would account this suffering as a result of negative karma, but what is karma but another man-made judgment system designed to absolve the sufferer of the responsibility to understand one’s own motivations in life. You learn the secrets of the world by looking at yourself, how you respond or react to other people around yourself, in your daily life. When you find yourself an observer or voyeur into the workings of your own life, you begin to discover the minutiae of the clash of thought and emotion within your heart and mind.

You can then begin to step away from judging these thoughts as being right or wrong, dark or light, and begin to understand that you simply are receiving these thoughts. They are coming from somewhere as yet indefinable yet they are not ‘you.’ It is how you react to these thoughts and bind a corresponding emotion to them that defines your actions next… or what next occurs as a result.
Remember, the Universe responds to focused intent. If your intentions are fuzzy and ill-defined, then things will appear to ‘happen’ to you… sometimes simply to wake you up.

Focus your intent to create a world of peace, abundance and good will… and then let it go. Allow the Universe to do its work. Hold the reins lightly in the matter of intent and let go of the need to control your life.Your inborn traits will reveal themselves to you if you intend it so. You have to open the door to allow God in. Only you have the key and that key is your intent.

And in so doing, you are taking up the mantle of being responsible for any outcome to your intention. This is part and parcel of becoming a fully aware, responsible adult… one who is ready to embark upon the journey of becoming a fully-fledge galactic citizen.

Yes, each individual must take the necessary steps to bring change to their world and the world for them starts within. No one person can change another, although many have tried to do so. This kind of behavior only leads to anger, resentment and division. The seeds of division have long been used against the unification of humanity, much to its detriment.

It is time to step beyond the boundaries of the old game of human against human and to take the initiative to endeavor to bring peace and understanding to your own heart so that you might understand the motivations of others.

And then you will naturally begin to open to self-acceptance and move eventually into acceptance of self in other and onto compassion… and beyond it reach the fields of unity consciousness.

These understandings, this journey can be undertaken and completed in an instant or it can take many lifetimes to unfold. Each individual’s experience will be different, yet in the end, you will stand together, shoulder to shoulder and look back upon this present time and wonder, how could we have been so dense?

And you will laugh with the openness of children and the strength of heart that a true adult being requires to do great things. And together we will accomplish much.

Channeler: Eliza Ayres (aka Tazjima Amariah Kumara VaCoupe)

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