Friday, May 13, 2016

AAM: The Overarching Principle Of Post-Reval Financial Wayshowing Is Stewardship

Michael 23In a personal reading I had with him through Linda Dillon on May 6, 2016, Archangel Michael identified the overarching principle of our post-Reval financial wayshowing to be “stewardship.”  How helpful that is. Square One. Our starting place.

In future discussions I’ll ask him for more overarching concepts.  It arose because I asked him what to do in a certain situation. Thanks to Dana for our transcript.

Archangel Michael: Let us be clear about this because this is a very important discussion and it is so because money, currency in your realm has the power to trigger many buttons.  …
To live abundantly does not mean that the bank is open and help yourself.

The entire purpose is that all are taken care of, each according to their soul agreement, not according to their fantasy life.

Now, we want you, and when we say you, we mean all of you, to think of money in terms of stewardship.

Steve: So that is the overarching concept?

AAM: This is the overarching principle. It is stewardship.

So, it is not coming from a place of scarcity but it is a wise, creative stewardship that does not throw money [around?] simply for the sake of throwing money at a problem or challenge or a situation believing, often erroneously, that it will be resolved.

Most issues, beloved, are not about money. They are about self-worth, taking responsibility, sharing responsibility, leadership, sharing leadership, knowing when to lead and when to follow, and stepping up in ways that are creative.

What money is used for is so that a person, a group, an individual, an institution, an entire community, an entire planet can step forward without worry, without that fear which is so pervasive upon your planet, to create!

So think of it as money as a creation tool. And if it is not creating, if it is simply being thrown down the drain or being maintained in a way that is not creative, then it is not doing its job.

Steve: So when all these old beliefs [of lack and the need to hoard] come up and we even go so far as to act on them, what then? How are we to put the situation right?

AAM: It requires a depth of truth and honesty that is outside the realm of judgment. (1) So am I doing this? Am I having this attitude because I am referring to the old lack and limitation beliefs?

Am I judging because I think you should be doing more? …Less? …Different? Am I judging you according to my wants and needs?  (2) Or am I observing with my wisdom eyes, my wisdom vision that this situation (not the money, but the situation) needs to be approached differently.

Now think of what I have said and apply it to [the situation at hand].

When it comes up, if you find that you are behaving or reacting in ways that are reactive and that are of the old paradigm, look at it, shake yourself, shrug it off, laugh, smile and say, “Oh, I choose not to behave this way, not to react this way.”


(1) I knew this depth of truth and honesty in the three-month residence fellowship at Cold Mountain Institute in 1976 and in the est Training in 1979. I haven’t seen it since. We must recreate it.
(2) Raise to awareness what we may be doing.  Try out what we find. Try it on. Test it out. See if it fits. If it fits, own it. This is the path of personal responsibility, dharma, or right conduct.

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