Thursday, May 26, 2016

Disclosure Digest On 5-26-16

 The Unraveling Of Consensus Reality Continues At An Ever Quickening Pace

I find myself viewing a most welcome scenario on the world's stage - humankind emerging from the dark age we plunged ourselves into at the Fall of Atlantis.  Everywhere I care to look the Light is emerging from the dark corners of our society as it Illuminates the PTSD'd survivors of our little experiment on Gaia.  The seeming chaos that presents is but the necessary precursor to the Enlightened, Multi-Dimensional Star-faring Civilization we are birthing with every Ah Ha Moment we experience. An entire planet in recovery and headed for galactic sobriety...go figure!

 Ageing Hippies Never Die...They Move To Colorado:

Some Transitional Astrology To Bring Things Into Perspective:

More On De-Constructing A Predatory Economic System:

Remember, The Emails Are But The Tip Of A Very Dark Iceberg:

Looks Like 'Team 9-11' Players Are Turning On Each Other:

Another Team Dark Wet Dream Being Shown For What It Really Is:

 It Sure Has Taken Lamestream Science Forever To Get This Memo:

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