Friday, May 27, 2016

Morning Conversation With The Arcturians

This is the best description of the frequential separation of individual and collective 'worlds' taking place NOW on Terra Gaia that that I have had the privilege of posting. Read on and Git Sum!

By Suzanne Lie On 5-26-16

wavesSue: Dear Readers, to my surprise the below message flew through me this morning as fast as I could type it. My guess is that many of you are getting similar messages from your higher guidance.


Dear Arcturians,
Do you have a message for me today?


Yes, Suzille, we do have a message for you. Are you ready to receive it?


Yes, I am, and thank you very much. I have been feeling emotionally low; I guess it was mostly yesterday. I hope that you might be able to assist me to understand why that was — as I am determined to feel better today.


Dearest Suzille,
It is true that you have been feeling that something is about to happen. But because you were not sure what is coming, it left you with an emotional discomfort. Therefore, please allow us to assist you in remembering what you already knew but doubted because you want it so much.

Therefore, instead of realizing that what is about to occur is actually exactly what you wished for, you are “protecting yourself against yet another disappointment.” We remind you now that it is far more effective to send Unconditional Love and Multidimensional Light into that which you wish to experience.

Do you see how you are actually holding back your wish by not believing in that which you feel is correct?


Yes, I do understand now how I/we block that which we wish to occur, because we have told ourselves over many 3D incarnations, “Don’t get your hopes up!” But I can see how that statement actually works against the fulfillment of our desire.

I know that it is the NOW of that which we once only thought of as “miracles.” However, even though I know that, there is this inner voice of protective fear that stops me from “believing my desire into manifestation.”


Suzille, would you like to state your belief/desire as a strong affirmation, rather than whisper it softly so that you are not disappointed?


Yes, Yes, I would so like to do that…

“I am ready to consciously perceive the landing of the Pleiadian Ships within whatever frequency they choose to be the safest for all concerned.”

“I am also ready to usher in the ‘EVENT’, which has long been planned to allow our reality to release the shackles of illusion that others have power over us. I KNOW that we have abilities that the lost Ones can never attain. Our innate human abilities resonate to a state of consciousness far beyond that which those who live by “power-over-others” can ever achieve or maintain.

“Therefore, I know that these lost Ones can never be a threat to us unless we believe that they can be. We, the forces of Multidimensional Light and Unconditional Love are ready NOW to welcome in a reality that resonates to the higher fourth dimension, the fifth dimension and all dimensions beyond our current expectation.

“I also know that those of us who have volunteered to accept the Higher Light are currently in a state of metamorphosis. While we are in that state, we may feel as helpless as a caterpillar just as it transmutes into a butterfly. Because we are in this transition, we must release all that was associated with our former state of awareness.

“Is that correct, dear Arcturians?”


Yes, that is correct. How does it feel to boldly declare and own that which you wish to manifest?


“I would like to say that I can totally believe that statement, but I have had so many decades and lives-after-lives of disappointment that I must honestly say that it feels a bit like I am faking it. I mean, I really want to believe that with all my heart and soul, but I often talk around it with others.

“I can see now how much I wish that reality would occur, but I realize that I acknowledge that it will occur within my lifetime. I have been in this body for many decades now, so dare I believe that I could actually experience that which I have wanted, known, waited for and still held onto in spite all the disappoints and close calls?”


What have you been waiting for? Please speak that which you desire to create/experience so that you can “believe it into manifestation.”


When I was a child I would look at the first star in the night sky and make a wish. I believed that that star had the power to hear my child self and would somehow “make my dreams come true.” Could it be that that star, as well as the one that I always see in the same place from my front porch, is a star ship?


Could you believe that desire into a reality?


“Believe my desire into a reality!” Wow, I realize that I have done that very thing in many, many areas of my life. But that was just my life. Could I believe that desire into everyone’s life?


Everyone must believe their desire into reality for themselves. However, when there are many, many individuals with the same desire, and they decide together to believe that desire into a reality, the manifestation of that united desire has a great boost towards its manifestation into a reality.

You are very correct in assuming that there are many, many Earth Ones who are ready for, and can fully embrace, the landing of our fifth dimensional Starships. We say “fifth dimensional” to differentiate our Galactic Ships which resonate to the fifth dimension from the Earth-created ships that only resonate to the third dimension.

There was been much research done by the forces of “power-over-others” to create a fourth dimensional Starship that would be invisible to humans unless they were sleeping. However, since their consciousness only resonates to the lower astral plane, their creations can only resonate to the lower astral plane.

There are also many higher advanced inventions that have been created by humans with a very high state of consciousness that have been kept from the population of Earth. The forces of “power-over-others” still have enough power to enforce this quarantine on that which will free Earth from the illusion that they are “just humans.”

As you can observe, there is a hidden battle being waged between the forces of Power Over and the forces of Power Within. This battle has lasted so long because so many humans have been indoctrinated to limit their consciousness to the third dimension. Hence, they only believe that which is presented to them via third dimensional media.

It is for this reason that our landing process has taken so very long. There are so many people that will only believe in the third dimensional reality, as it is presented to them via the third dimensional media. What they do not know is that a great deal, but not all, of the mainstream, third dimensional media is under the control of the forces of Power OVER Others.

This situation is a primary reason why the landings have not fully manifested. Those who have Power Over the third dimensional Earth will NOT relinquish their influence over the third dimensional reality.

Since many humans still depend on the third dimensional media for the “truth,” they do not realize that they will live out their third dimensional lives, never suspecting that there is a higher dimensional reality that co-exists with their greatly limited, physical world.

Those who are awakening — and there are more and more of you each day — are recognizing that there is a higher dimensional reality that resonates to a frequency just above the third dimensional “power-over-others” reality.

This open-ended reality is not limited to the restrictions of the third dimension. In fact, this Multidimensional reality is an open portal to higher and higher dimensional frequencies of the “life on planet Earth.”

We are pleased to observe that many humans are beginning to embrace that which resonates beyond the indoctrinations and lies of the “power-over” leaders, and are looking INSIDE THEIR SELF for that which they once sought from a leader.

As more and more Earth humans ignite and live by their own POWER WITHIN, they will not be fooled by those who wish to dominate others because these false leaders cannot find their own Power Within.
Once one has found their own Power Within, they have no desire to have power-over-others. In fact, the Ones who have awakened to their own Multidimensional Self have no desire to dominate or follow, as they have found their inner power.

In fact, because they have found — and learned to live by — their own inner power they (the members of the power within reality) seek to ASSIST OTHERS who are ready to discover their own power within.

On the other hand, Power Over realities can only resonate to the third and lower fourth dimensional frequencies of reality. Therefore, they can only have “power over” other people whose resonance is limited to the physical and lower astral planes.

Since the level of one’s consciousness dictates the frequency band of their perceptions, those whose consciousness resonates to the higher fourth and fifth dimensions, are beginning to consciously perceive those higher dimensional realities of Earth.

We are very pleased to see how more and more of our Grounded Ones are returning to their true, Multidimensional consciousness. This expanded consciousness serves to expand their conscious perceptions to include higher and higher dimensional versions of Gaia’s Multidimensional realities.

On the other hand, the limited Ones can only perceive that which is occurring on the physical planet. These power-over-others Ones are unable to think about, create, experience or live within the higher fourth and fifth dimensional resonance of Earth because their need to have Power Over has limited their consciousness, and perceptions, to third and lower fourth dimensional Earth.

In fact, until recently, there was only a small population of Gaia’s humans whose consciousness — and hence their perceptions — could be consciously aware of the fifth dimensional Light that has been streaming into Earth at an ever-increasing rate.

Those who can expand their consciousness enough to perceive this higher frequency of Light/reality are awakening more and more each day to the “possible” reality that they are making a “probable” reality by their conscious engagement in the higher frequencies of Light.

Please remember, that unlike the third dimensional realities that function via the 3D Matrix of illusion, the fifth dimension and beyond realities function via the format of Multidimensional Light.
There are still too many lost Ones who are unable to look up from their “power-over-others,” or from being the victim of others. Therefore, we will wait as long as possible for our landings to begin.

Also, we are now making ourselves visible to those who can expand their consciousness into the mid-to-higher sub-frequencies of the fourth dimension. Simultaneously, we use our scout ships to “buzz” the third dimensions over areas that resonate to a high enough frequency that the inhabitants would not be frightened.

We are slowly increasing our visibility—releasing our cloaking—over places and situations which create a wave of fifth dimensional and beyond energy fields. We are also making appearances in what you have called “outer space.” When you search your Internet, you will see more and more YouTubes of our Ships.

We are gauging our visibility according to the frequency rate of the area over which we fly, or areas of your space such as near to your International Space Station. These pictures are also available on your Internet.

As the first step of “Making ASCENSION Normal”, we plan to make seeing a Starship “normal”.

As more and more regard seeing Starships as normal — and even comforting — as humanity is convinced that we are here to assist you, and as the forces of Power Over are recognized and dealt with by the awakened inhabitants of Earth, we will be able to make ourselves more and more “helpful” in your daily life.

When it becomes “normal” to see a Starship in the distant night sky, or a Scout Ship flying above your neighborhood, those who have found their Power Within will seek out and assist those who live in the fear of others having Power Over them.

One can only release their fear of others having “Power Over” them when they have discovered, accepted and learned to live by using their own Power Within in their daily lives. Once one finds their Power Within, they will easily recognize those who attempt to exert “Power Over” them or over others.

As each of you regain your innate Power Within and choose to be the creators of your own reality, your consciousness will expand far beyond the 3D Matrix of illusions, polarities and limitation. Then YOU will be the creator of your own reality.

With no victims to dominate, the Power Over Others will need to find their own Power Within or they will miss the NOW of Personal and Planetary Ascension into the fifth dimension and beyond.

Please remember that those who are lost are the Ones who need to have Power Over Others. Because they are lost to their own Higher Self, they are frightened and need the assistance of those who have regained their own Power Within.

AND, the Ones who have reclaimed their Power Within will joyfully assist the Ones who were lost to fear and darkness and are finally seeking Light and Love.

Those of YOU who have regained your Power Within enough to face that which was once perceived as fearful, yet still send Unconditional Love and Violet Fire to these lost Ones, are the Guardians of Ascending Earth.

Many of YOU “Guardians” were once lost within the domination of the forces of Power Over. Nevertheless, YOU found, and will find, your own Power Within to restrict these lost Ones from any positions of power within your society.

YOU are the Power Within that will say NO to others to have Power Over you.

We, the members of your Galactic Family, leave you with the reminder that your greatest power is to be found within your own Unconditional Love for ALL life, as well as your immense power to transmute darkness into Light via power of The Violet Fire.

We, The Arcturians, Pleiadians and all the members of your higher expressions of SELF, send Unconditional Love and Violet Fire to YOU, the Guardians of Mother Earth.



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