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The Arcturians: The Rising Kundalini & Crown Of The Elohim

Kundalini (2)(NOTE FROM SUE: This message came to me on April 10, 1996, but it totally applies to our life now.)

As your daily consciousness expands into the fifth dimensional NOW, you will consciously perceive your journey through the Astral Plane. At first this journey will appear slow, but it picks up speed as you enter the higher sub-planes of the fourth dimensional, astral realities.

Then, as you travel closer and closer to the threshold between the fourth and fifth dimension, time — actually the concept of time — begins to waver in and out of your consciousness. As your consciousness enters this crossroad, your physical body begins to shift in strange and unfamiliar ways.

This “shift” is because your Kundalini will begin to awaken as a result of your higher states of consciousness. Your Kundalini is your innate Lightbody that has lain in waiting until the NOW of your fifth dimensional frequency of consciousness.

While consciously experiencing the gamma brainwaves of your fifth dimensional consciousness, that which once appeared solid begins to waver in and out. Actually, it is your fifth dimensional consciousness that is wavering in and out.

Thus your fifth dimensional perceptions are wavering in and out, as well. As your 5D gamma brainwaves arise and fall, you open and close your ability to consciously perceive the fifth dimensional realities of the “NOW of the Here” and the “ONE of the Multidimensional Light.”
“What is that?” you ask with a tinge of fear. However, just a tinge of fear is enough to send your awareness back into the familiarity of your third dimensional world.

“NO!” you cry, “Not again!” Why does this always happen just when I feel the Kundalini starting up my spine?

The answer to this question is that when you feel the Kundalini rising, you may feel as if you are not in control of your life. NOT “being in control of your life” actually means not feeling in control of your third dimensional life.

Feeling at the helm of your physical life is empowering and often important. However, once the Kundalini begins it’s awaking, your perceptions begin to recalibrate to include more and more conscious perceptions of the fifth dimensional reality.

Then, just a quick peak down into your third dimensional reality from a fifth dimensional point of perception is enough for you to realize that you are ready to release the illusions of the “3D Game.”
Once you experience the threshold to the reality of your fifth dimensional Lightbody, you become increasingly aware of your Multidimensional consciousness. Then, your third dimensional reality will never be the same again.

The reason why your physical life will never be the same again is because you have knowingly, or unknowingly, shifted your “sense of self,” from “being a third dimensional human visiting the fifth dimension” to being a fifth dimensional who is visiting the third dimension.

Within the conscious awareness of your fifth dimensional Lightbody SELF, you consciously remember that you are actually a fifth dimensional, and beyond, Being who has volunteered to visit the third dimension and wear a third dimensional Earth vessel.

In other words, your perception of reality is reversed. At first you were a physical person who has an inner (often hidden) Lightbody SELF. With the rising of your Kundalini you enter into the identity of being a Multidimensional Being of Light who is wearing a physical body.

Furthermore, in this great era that will eternally be remembered, you are not here on Earth for your human self. You are here on Earth for Gaia. Your Lightbody knows that you already inhabit many forms in higher dimensions, and that you have taken an Earth vessel to assist Gaia with Her planetary Ascension.

Once your Kundalini begins to rise up your spine and your “perceptual shift” moves in and out, YOU are no longer your physical self who has an inner Kundalini that will someday rise.

YOU are returning to your Lightbody SELF who chose to wear a physical Earth vessel in order to log into third dimension Earth.

With this realization of your true SELF, instead of experiencing “your Kundalini as rising up your physical spine,” you experience the Kundalini as “your Lightbody being activated within the Earth vessel that you have chosen to “wear”.

When you were limited to your third dimensional reality, your point of perception was that all life was outside of YOU. However, when you expanded your consciousness to include your Higher SELF, your point of perceptions included your Higher SELF in the higher dimensions.

With this shift in your perceptions, your human self gradually and continually began experiencing your higher dimensional SELF, as well as your higher dimensional reality, as being within YOU.

“Modern, civilized humans” have been trained over millennia to forget that they have always had an Inner Lightbody, which was safely snuggled inside of their Kundalini, which was located within their spinal column, waiting to be activated.

However, most “modern humans” have forgotten that the “Sleeping Serpent” of the force of Kundalini is waiting at the base of their spine to be awakened.

But what exactly is the Kundalini? We will slowly share the answer to this question. Why do we share it slowly? Because this information was implanted in your consciousness as your escape hatch, parachute, and launching pad when you had completed ALL your Missions to Earth.

We also share this information bit-bit-bit to encourage you to REMEMBER. Whatever you remember about your SELF is much more powerful than what you are taught. It may be too difficult to understand what you are taught, and you may easily forget it.

Also, that which we can assist you to remember inside your own self can more simply and be completely expressed within your daily life. We need you to remember all the multidimensional traits of your SELF, not just within your meditations or while you are attending a class.

We need you to remember your SELF in your DAILY LIFE.

We need you to remember within your daily life because it is within your third dimensional life that this transmutation will begin. No longer are you protected by your personal Guru, or by living in a Temple at the peak of a remote mountain.

In this important incarnation of planetary Ascension, WE — the Arcturians and your own higher expressions of SELF — need for you to assist people while they live their daily lives, raise their children, work their jobs, pay their bills and pretend to be “just humans.”

WE — your higher dimensional expressions of SELF are entering your daily life, your daily routines, and daily responsibilities. As we have often said, we the Galactics and Celestials are YOU.

It is through the awakening of your own, personal force of Kundalini that you will return to, transmute into, your true Lightbody SELF. Furthermore, we remind you to BE that YOU that you have always been — but forgot — in your daily life!

We will now lead you in an ancient ritual, which assist you to remember the immense powers of your Multidimensional SELF.

(Elohim is a term of ultimate divinity)
As each of your magnificent auras expands with your greater potential, your auras will overlap and intermingle so completely that your “Being” a person shall be synonymous with your “Being” a planet.

As Gaia’s Keepers of the Land become The Land, and Gaia’s Keepers of the Water become The Water, Gaia’s consciousness will so expand that even a planet will be too small to hold Her consciousness. Then Gaia’s planetary “Being” shall expand to become a Star “Being.”

As Gaia becomes the consciousness of a Star, you become the consciousness of a planet:

Your collective Gnome elementals transmute the land,
Your collective Undine elementals transmute the water,
Your collective Sylph elementals transmute the air,
Your collective Salamander elementals transmute the fire.

As Your Human Chakras merge with the Planetary Chakras

Your Personal Consciousness merges with Planetary Consciousness

As People and Planet are HERE

Within the fifth dimensional ONE

As a “dress rehearsal” for your closing ceremony of transmuting Personal and Planetary consciousness into the next, fifth dimensional, octave of reality we assist you to activate:
(NOTE FROM SUE—Please practice the below ritual in your small groups. I will also have a special meeting that you can all attend this coming week)

Your Crown of the Elohim…
I/WE Receive my/our Crown of the Elohim by calling for Spirit
To integrate into all of Gaia’s matter.
In this manner, WE, Persons and Planet
CrownElohimCan integrate:
“Spirit into Matter
“Spirit into Matter
“Spirit into Matter
“Spirit into Matter
Through my Crown of the Elohim
I merge my Personal and Planetary SELF
Hence, whenever there is dissonance in Gaia’s planetary body
I will feel it in my Personal Chakra that holds of resonance of Light
That will serve to assist Gaia’s spirit of transmutation
Through this merging, whenever I feel dissonance in my chakras,
I realize that Gaia is calling me to
SEE dissonance or HEAR disharmony
Using the correlate color and tone of a Jewel in my Crown of the Elohim
(which resonates to the frequency/color of that Chakra in my body)
I chant
To clarify the color and purify the tone
I open the correlate PORTAL in my Crown and in my Chakra
I chant
As the Higher Light FLOWS through these Portals of Crown and Chakra

I chant
As the FLOW calms the dissonance,
and the color becomes pure
I chant

The “form” of the Crown is on my head.

The “controls” for the Crown are in my heart.

Opening, and using the portals of my Crown of the Elohim
To purify and heal Gaia remind me that:

As I walk through my life

I AM a Portal of Light
As I awaken each morning

I AM a Portal of Light
As I fall asleep each night

I AM a Portal of Light
Where MY attention is — there I AM also.

Therefore, I focus my attention on:

I AM the Vessel in which the New Earth gestates.
I AM the Portal through which the New Earth is born.
With every place I choose to look — I SEE New Earth.
With every sound I choose to hear — I HEAR New Earth.
With every word I choose to speak — I CREATE New Earth.
With every choice I make — I CHOOSE New Earth.
With every step I take — I GROUND New Earth.
With every thought and emotions — I CREATE New Earth.
I See, I Hear, I Create, I Choose, I Ground, I Create
I know that

I AM Lightbody ~ Gaia is Lightplanet

I AM my Personal Lightbody
I AM Gaia’s Planetary Lightplanet
We are ONE within the NOW
Of the HERE of fifth dimensional EARTH!

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