Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Angelic Guides: How To Be Sure Your Dreams Really Will Manifest

Channelled Via Taryn Crimi

Today we would like to focus your attention upon the topic of desires and dreams.

We have said many times before that the Universe does not respond to wishes, nor does it respond to hopes, it responds to expectation, to focus, or more appropriately said, the Universe always responds to vibration.

Each of you are vibrational beings, the reality which you exist within is made up of all sorts of vibrations. It’s what offers you the opportunity to explore duality in its fullest manifested form.

Each and every one of you have dreams and desires which have not yet manifested into physical form and a question we get so very often is how can I be sure my dreams will really manifest. So this is what we would like to further elaborate upon to help clarify how manifestation actually happens.

All manifestations are created exactly the same way, whether it is wanted or unwanted makes no difference, everything is manifested using the same exact principals and laws. Every single dream that you have, every desire that you have has the full potential of manifesting here in the physical reality. No dream is too big, and no desire is unattainable.

Now with that being said, simply put everything exists vibrationally. Thoughts literally do turn to physical manifestations. But how? Well if everything exists vibrationally what prevents some things from manifesting and other things to manifest? Your focus, your expectation, your emotions are the catalyst for the manifested version of anything that manifests.

Everything has a vibrational rate of frequency, everything is pulsing at a particular speed. When anything manifests in to your reality it is because you have quite simply, matched the speed of vibration of that particular experience. You know when you are vibrating quickly because you feel the emotions of love, appreciation, alignment, ease, joy, bliss and so on. You also know when you are vibrating slowly because you feel the feelings of fear, anger, anxiety, despair and so on.

We often use the analogy of two trains riding alongside each other. If both trains are going 100 miles per hour then it would not be difficult to hop from one train to the other, however if one train is going 100 miles per hour and the other is only traveling at 5 miles per hour it would be near impossible to hop from one train to the other with out getting propelled to the side.

Like attracts like, what you focus on expands, you only experience what you resonate with, you have likely heard all of these terms. They are indeed true, you must match the speed of vibration of your desire in order to manifest it here in your physical reality. Its as simple as that.

So how do you begin manifesting more of what you do want and less of what you don’t want? A wonderful question. By being far more particular about what you allow your mind to focus upon. Most humans allow the experiences that are manifesting in front of them be their determining factor in how they feel. They are allowing the circumstances, and conditions of their life dictate how they feel in any given moment.

This of course will only bring more of what has already manifested to you. It is why so many have very little change in their life. Oh it’s a different day, with a different set up and different location but all in all much remains the same. The reason is simply that they are allowing the circumstances of their life rule their focus.

So how do you get something different? By choosing to focus upon something different. Each and everyone of you have things that are working well in your life, things that you are appreciative of, things you enjoy thinking about. Some of you have more positive things than others to focus on but all of you can find something, with out question that brings you joy.

This is where it gets really good, and there are others on your world who seem to have found the key to manifesting their dreams and we will share it with you now.

In order to purposefully and intentionally create experiences in your life you must become deliberate enough in your thoughts and focus to find thoughts and therefore feelings that bring you into the state of alignment. You see, there is never a time that you are not in alignment with something, there is never a time that you are not in harmony with something, but what are you in harmony with?

You are always manifesting, there is never a time that you are not manifesting, but the key to manifesting more of what you want is to release your focus upon the things that are not working and focus intensely upon all the things that are. All the thoughts that bring you satisfaction, that bring you a sense of peace, or joy or love or happiness. Only then can you be assured that more will flow to you that brings you more feelings that feel good.

Manifestation has been made out to be far more complicated than it really is. It really is quite simple. Match the vibration of what pleases you by finding more thoughts that please you. We can assure you that you will become so in tune, so accustomed to feeling good that you will be incredibly aware anytime your thoughts stray from that feeling of well being and peace of mind.

You do not need to specifically focus upon your dream all day long in order for it to manifest, this often creates its own resistance because you are all too often aware that what you desire is missing. The focus of its absence can only bring more of this feeling to you by not manifesting in your reality. Focus your thoughts on what feels good more often and the universe will find ways to bring you what you seek.

Your dreams will manifest in the most surprising and delightful ways if you just will take the time to be diligent in focusing upon more of what pleases you rather than what you see as being potential problems or challenges. All that will do is magnify more problems. Magnify the good in your life and more good will come, it is a guarantee, it is with absolute certainty that we share this with you.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

Copyright © 2012-2016 by Taryn Crimi.

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