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Choosing To ‘Stream’ Joy, Love And Abundance

Many accept the idea that we are the source and cause of our experiences but what about events that come “out of the blue”? Events that aren’t consciously intentioned are often tied to other aspects of our consciousness operating in the background of our present-moment reality. Subconscious aspects, younger selves from this lifetime and even parallel selves from other lifetimes can influence circumstances unfolding in our present moment.

Our Focus Self and Conscious Intentions

These aspects may hold intentions and agendas that are different from those of our current focus self. Our focus self is the self presently directing our conscious path in life. Each time we shift direction and focus, a new self comes forward that is best suited to facilitate the next phase of our life journey. We see ourselves and the world around us through the eyes of our current identity or focus self. Major change happens when we grow past the capabilities of our present focus self and adopt a new one. When we undergo quantum growth we adopt an awakened identity to navigate the new realities we encounter. An awakened identity self sets conscious intentions and works with our higher guidance to move us along our spiritual path.

Observing your Stream of Consciousness

It may happen at times that younger aspects disagree with the chosen path of your focus self. These selves are in need of healing and understanding. Your focus self may not be aware of these selves. This is why it’s helpful to observe your stream of consciousness daily through practices such as meditation, journaling, and dream work.

Not unlike streaming video services, these streaming bites of consciousness are accessible when you bring your focus to them. The mind drifts over people and situations, remembering, considering, appreciating, and questioning. In its constant quest for understanding, the mind entertains a stream of conscious flow that, like nighttime dreams, offers a window into the state of your consciousness. As you monitor your stream of consciousness, you become aware of aspects in disagreement with your present course and their intentions operating at the subconscious level.

Observing your stream of consciousness can also bring you in closer communion with your inner knowing and higher self. Some elements of your stream of consciousness come from your higher guidance, the part of your consciousness that sees all things in all time. These high-vibrational aspects of your stream of consciousness attempt to help you navigate earthly life and fulfill your higher purpose. It’s easy to tell which threads of influence are associated with your higher self. Those elements lift you up and speak to you at a deep level.

Working with Your Stream Of Consciousness

At times you may be distracted by facets of your stream of consciousness that are not aligned with your higher knowing. In addition to influences from younger or parallel selves, your stream of consciousness may also be influenced by sources such as mass thought and thought viruses as well as astrological, planetary and other cosmic influences. Thought viruses are free-floating thoughtforms that attach themselves to our thought processes and feed off our energy.

Spiritual practices such as meditation can bring awareness to the various elements of your stream of consciousness and help you weed out less significant and detrimental threads. Daily journaling is a helpful practice that allows you to dialog with these other selves to bring them into harmony with your conscious goals and intentions. When you are living in harmony with all your “selves”, you are far less susceptible to thought viruses and mass influences. A unified being working closely with their higher guidance is able to see through illusory and low-vibrational influences. They are able to respond impeccably to what cosmic and planetary shifts are asking of them.

Your Stream of Consciousness and Future Probabilities

Events crystalizing in your near future can be detected in your stream of consciousness prior to their arrival in physical reality. Those with a finely-tuned intuition may pick up on thoughtforms that foreshadow events crystalizing in a future moment without realizing this is the case.

These foreshadowings are not warnings as much as threads of awareness that weave in and out of the fabric of our consciousness via our stream of consciousness. Once we become aware of where a chosen direction is leading us, we are free to choose an alternate course. An example would be to pick up on possible health consequences related to a current habit and the choice to end or change that habit to create a different future probability.

Incubating Stream of Consciousness

There are aspects of your stream of consciousness flow you can direct much as you would incubate a dream. As we have said, you can choose to stream thoughts and images that bring you insights about the present state of your consciousness or the direction your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actions are taking you.

But you can do much more. The streaming possibilities are unlimited. You can choose to stream a precognitive flow where you tap into downloads that can help you make decisions moment by moment. This precognitive flow can also help you design and create future realities aligned with your spiritual purpose. You can stream the big picture of events currently unfolding in your life or tune into fine details you may be overlooking. You can stream the soul contracts and connections you hold with others. You can stream parallel lives you are strongly connected to at this time. You can stream younger selves from this lifetime in need of healing. You can stream information about the state of your physical body and what is needed for healing at this time. The same is true for emotional, mental and spiritual healing.

You can stream the bigger picture of a relationship or any form of connection and understand underlying issues. You can stream your life lessons - your karma for this lifetime - so you can consciously work with those issues that have held you back. You can stream the status of intended manifestations and receive the next steps of your creations. You can stream insights, inspiration and visions for creative works. You can ask questions and stream the answers from your higher self. You are only limited by your imagination and your willingness to become the architect of your life.
Default Versus Conscious Streaming

When you work with your stream of consciousness you are able to choose and shape the realities you experience and manifest your spiritual purpose with a sense of ease and joy. This is in stark contrast to what happens when you choose to the default channel for your streaming consciousness. On the default channel, you stream mundane, mass thought; you stream thought viruses and lower-frequency thoughtforms free floating in the environment. This drains your energy and leads you to feel yourself a hapless victim unable to break free of repeating loops of undesired experiences.

In default streaming the threads of your own spiritual journey only intermittently reach your conscious mind amid a jumble of pop culture and other meaningless mass thoughtforms. If you want to be the hero of your own waking dream, choose to stream the dream that is about your destiny, your purpose, soul contracts and life lessons.

Choosing to Stream Joy, Love and Abundance

Choose to stream joy, abundance and love. Choose to allow higher frequencies to guide your life experiences. If you find you are resistant to allowing higher realities into your life, examine if internal voices are telling you that you don’t deserve this. Bring your awareness to aspects that are still in need of healing and understanding. These are often younger selves trapped in emotional traumas. Keep undertaking this process until you bring about unification with all aspects of your consciousness and your chosen path.

You are able to fine tune what you are streaming on the big screen of your conscious mind and bring other aspects of your being into alignment with that vision. Affirm that you deserve the highest and best the universe has to offer. As you allow higher vibrational realities into your life you are able to assist others in their journey and to join with others to anchor the new time on Planet Earth.
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Channelled by : DL Zeta

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