Monday, September 17, 2018

Disclosure Digest 9-16-18

As Matthew emphasized in his latest Message, we are getting an amazing amount of boots on the ground support from our Star Families, both in- and dis-carnate. Why it's an Ascension happy fizzies party goin' on in the old 3/4D holo-realities. Here's a collection of channelled messages from the last few days to support my contention. Grok On!

Heads Up!

Transformation In Progress

I think it's appropriate to give Creator the first word in today's Digest; ponder on this, y'all:

This psychic take on the NM Solar Observatory incident is spot on; remember the movie PAUL:

This is quite the strong Angelic Message received through Morag; solid ring of Truth here:

It's been a while since I posted one from Carolyn Oceana Ryan; A Message to Lightworkers:

Dancing Dolphin downloads Sanat Kumara for us; "Gaia is Ready for Her New Sovereigns!:

A new Energy Update from psychic Diane Canfield might help you see the upside in the current planetary chaos; "Personalities Fragmenting, Timeline Shifts, 5 Days of Geomagnetic Storms;
The Most High unexpectedly drops in on Ann Albers with this urgent message; We Are One Love: 

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