Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Disclosure Digest 9-18-18

Sessions Unchained!

And from an odorous sea of deplorables rose the Qanon's battle cry "Release The Sessions!"

'Grand Jury Finds Police were Complicit in Covering up Massive Child Sex Ring in Catholic Church' Oh? Really? Remember, they never thought we'd figure it all out:

Extra! Extra! True Pyramids Purpose Has Been Finally Discovered; YouTube clip tells all:

The fracking industry’s water nightmare makes for a truly disgusting and horrific read; mazel:

A pair of new Threads from Neon Revolt for all you Qanon newbies out there; grok what you can:

This live channeling from The Pleiadiansvia Barbara Merciniak in 2015 has great illustrations and spot on content: definitely grokkable and well worth a viewing:

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