Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Disclosure Digest 9-25-18


Lurk Moar


The un-photoshopped story of Pepe The Frog and The Cult Of Kek; can you handle the truth?

The Voice of Urban Zen serves up Deepak Chopra pondering the Seven Myths of Meditation:

It gets so quiet b'times, I swear I can hear my new brain cells a growin, Ayup:

'Identity Politics Is Controlling Speech in the Literary & Academic World'; very surreal:

You might want to read this article before you purchase those fall harvest apples: caveat emptor:

Since Ben bit into the forbidden torroidial fruit, he's been putting out these reports; grok sum:

We close with Creator  today, promising us again that "Magic Will Happen!"; Oh sure:

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