Thursday, September 20, 2018

Disclosure Digest 9-20-18

Holy Guacamole!

'Tis time to sing the praises of the humble avocado; cue the Mariachis and Guac it up!:

Jordan just had a major come-to-Guac moment courtesy of two most recent Q Drops; good stuff:
Spot on Thread from Neon Revolt; it's getting hyper-real folks - SSP's Disclosure at 11:

"Society is Made of Narrative – Realizing this is Awakening from the Matrix"; will it be red or blue?:

John Peterson's FUTUREdition's newsletter is chock full of breadcrumbs and popcorn; yummy:

Perhaps it's time for a booster shot of hopium; might as well get it direct from Her Hopeness:

We thank Morag O'brien for her short, insightful and Light filled blog posts; here's her latest:

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