Thursday, September 6, 2018

Goddess Rising – September Energy Forecast

My beautiful friend,I am so grateful to connect with you again this way. We have so much to catch up on, so let’s get right to it.

Before we speak about the energies of September and what is awaiting us, it’s important to reflect on all of the blessings that came into our collective reality as a result of what took place in August.

In August, we experienced the result of the will of millions of way-showers and pure hearts who had come together in agreement (consciously and unconsciously) for something greater to emerge on our planet.

As a result, an abundance of pure Divine Love frequencies showered and anchored themselves into the Heart of every woman, man, and child on the planet, in ways humanity has not experienced for eons.

These pure Divine Love frequencies arrived directly from the heart of the Sacred Mother of All-That-Is, to help humanity let go of all the attachments we still had to creating a world of fear and separation.

The Divine Love frequencies that entered our world in August have also activated the consciousness codes within the DNA of all humanity, including millennials and children.

This occurred so that we can all return to the purest aspect of ourselves once again, and create the New Earth of peace, Love, and oneness.

When colossal amounts of Divine Love frequencies enter our world, they serve to help resolve the tremendous amounts of karmic debt that many are still carrying, from this and many other lifetimes.
Karmic debt takes up a great deal of space in the aura and psyche of humanity. It weighs heavily on the hearts and minds of the way-showers and pure hearts who have been diligently doing their inner healing work (for many, since early childhood) to help raise the consciousness of the planet.

With the resolution of humanity’s karmic debt that took place in August, we now have abundant space to feel into and experience our lives through higher awareness, Love, wisdom, playfulness, and creative expression.

The expansion and shifts taking place now are no longer as subtle as before, because of the acceleration of Light pouring into our consciousness.

When things move this quickly, the inner and outer distractions that once operated well in the past (the mind’s coping patterns) come to the surface to be acknowledged, addressed, and resolved.

If you are finding yourself experiencing a great deal of hardship at this time, know that this is not you, but rather the mind’s grip on the old paradigm of survival and struggle.

The only thing asked of us when we find ourselves experiencing hardship, is to release ourselves from the need to control everything in our lives.

As we release that tight control, we create room to anchor ourselves in compassion and Love for all the parts of ourselves that have been using the old coping patterns, which have been keeping us attached to realities of hardship.

Through our continued compassion for ourselves, others, and the world around us, it will become much easier for the mind to embrace the New Earth and all of the abundant blessings it has for us.

The changes we have been hearing about and working towards are now manifesting into physical form.

This is what we have been waiting for!

The Goddess Rises

As a result of all that unfolded in August, and as we enter the sacred energies of September and beyond, the Goddess is rising within each and every person on the planet.

She is making her presence felt in every aspect of life, including our past, present, and future, across all time and space, from the first moment of existence.

The Goddess has always been within each of us, quietly holding space for this day to arrive.

Within the collective mind, as a result of the great ”forgetfulness” that took place eons ago as part of the human experience, the Goddess had been suppressed and censored from being acknowledged and felt by humanity as the Creator of ALL.

Those days are now behind us.

Now, deep within the chambers of our hearts, there is a stirring that is happening that is allowing us to see, feel, hear, taste, touch, and smell the sacred Goddess within and all around us, in ways that only our I AM presence can remember experiencing.

We are now understanding that the more we honor the Goddess within and all around us—by choosing to love, honor, nurture, and have compassion for ourselves and others—the more we will be showered with abundant blessings.

Whenever the Goddess is fully acknowledged and received, an abundance of Love, peace, wholeness, freedom, riches, joy, laughter, inspiration, creative fulfillment, and miracles will follow.

Here are a few things we can do to give our inner Goddess a Divine homecoming:

~Express gratitude for our body, because our body is actually the extension of the Goddess in physical form 
~Express gratitude for the wisdom and other gifts the Goddess gives us daily
~Express gratitude for our five senses
~Surround ourselves with beautiful (natural) fragrances, such as flowers, plants, and essential oils
~Surround ourselves with beautiful colors that evoke feelings of peace, joy, Love, passion, and freedom
~Surround ourselves with the beautiful sounds of nature, music, and the inner-stillness of our I AM presence 

~Eat and drink foods that nourish our Goddess in ways that feel life-enhancing and life-affirming 

~Feel the healing textures of nature between our toes, with our hands, and on our body
 ~Love our body, mind, and presence in ways that remind us that by doing so, we are honoring the Goddess

~And much more...

Beyond Hierarchy

As the Goddess Rises within all of humanity now, old systems and ideology will begin to dissolve, making way for new ways of being and living to emerge that promote an inclusivity that has not yet been experienced fully in our world.

We are seeing glimpses of this occurring; however, things will be shifting at a much more accelerated pace.

Here are some of the most important messages for our time, which the Goddess desires that we receive and understand now:

Hierarchy no longer has a place in the Spiritual realms.

Just as we are evolving, so is the Spiritual realm.

We have full access to connect directly with the purest form of Source energy, without having to jump through any hoops—without having to struggle, give our power away, or dim our Light for anyone or anything.

This includes realizing that we do not need to seek the approval of any teachers, gurus, elders, angels, ascended masters, guides, saints, and any other beings of Light, who are really here to simply help us re-member our own Divinity.

True beings of Light never desire us to give their power away, as humanity has done for eons.

The Goddess and all higher beings just want us to remember that we are all equal, and that we have the exact same abilities and gifts to share with one another as they have.

This message is infused with frequencies that are here to activate and empower our consciousness, in ways that remind us to shine our Light as powerfully and brightly as we desire, releasing all need to ever give our power away to anyone or anything.

And they want us to know that we are the Ones we have been waiting for.

A Victorious Celebration

In August, a shift of the ages occurred in the cosmos that manifested itself into our world. As above, so below.

This shift was victorious because it has awakened the heart of humanity to where every single woman, man, child, and all other beings on the planet received this blessing and activation.

Yes, even those serving on the global stage who operate within the illusion of promoting separation and fear have received this Divine activation.

This is so beyond the scope of anything we’ve ever collectively achieved before.

So get ready for the fun to begin!

Over the coming days, weeks, months, and years, they too will begin to shed the aspects of themselves that no longer align with the heart-centered New Earth, which we have already anchored into the third dimensional paradigm.

This means that whatever we see going on, it is imperative to continue sending Love and compassion to all of it, even that which does not align with our values and ways of being.

This is the continuing gift we can offer humanity: to see the Divinity within everyone and everything.

This is what we came for. It was a tall order, but we knew we could handle it.

And when you feel a little tired, just call on your inner Goddess to rejuvenate you to the core.

She is here now, and what a glorious co-creation we will all get to play in from now on!

Until next time,

Miraculously yours,


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