Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Dsclosure Digest 9-17-18

It's Time To End The Korean War

Here's a good, broad philosophical perspective on the Shift and an intro to Free Range Humans:

Speaking of Free Range Humans let's spend 10 minutes in Lionelland for a good, old fashioned rant:

Angela abhors Free Range Politicians; PCR does a good job of prepping us for an epic EU fail:

USA Corp is the dead man walking, not The Republic; the Galactics won’t allow the use of atomics:

From our Bad Big Ag files for your consideration; remember, Team Dark is really trying to kill us all:

SerialBrain2 (and an AndWeKnow video) “Trump’s secret message about 9/11; KP be Redpillen:

I feel it only appropriate, on this auspicious BOOM occasion, to give POTUS the last words:

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