Saturday, September 8, 2018

Disclosure Digest 9-7-18

It's Time To Clean Up Our Act

The spiritual influences of the Virgo New Moon energies are well explained in the following piece:

A new study spotlights rising CO2 levels has re-greening effects across the planet; not Fake Science:

Also not Fake Science; Depleted Uranium munitions should have destroyed humanity; pictures at 11:

Saturn’s famous Hexagon towers above the cloud tops; Sacred Geometries underlie all manifestation:

Twofers from my favorite Celtic Goddess; Morag O'brien; It's all crystal clear now:

'David Nichtern: Mantra and the Power of Pure Sound' comes to us courtesy of Wisdom Publications:

Taoist Ascended Masters comment on how religions enslave us instead of awakening us; Grok sum:

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