Thursday, May 13, 2021

Disclosure Digest 5-13-21

Nesshie Sez: Git Sum 

Elephantine Truths


We start today with a Big Sky Mind message from Ganesha aka The Great Divine Director: Grok On: 

The Kosher cluster-fuck that is the Israel [DS] starts to show it's dark Underbelly; Oy Gevalt:

Fauci is fulfilling his plea agreement by getting nailed to the cross for Crimes Against Humanity:

Trump and Elon fulfill the same Galactic Mission to Humanity they're just on different Planets:

Waltzing the Warp Drive out from behind the Curtain of dumbed-down physics forced on Humanity

Here's another Three Witches Bundle to help you get all this seeming Chaos into a Divine Perspective:

You guessed it, last link has gotta be for The Big Guy/Gal/It, who's responsible for Planetary Cleansing:

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